Patrick Stewart dating

I really tried to get into Voyager, but I'm not sure it's for me

2020.09.23 19:26 TheBasedDoge17 I really tried to get into Voyager, but I'm not sure it's for me

I started watching Star Trek in the summer of last year. I started with TNG because Sir Patrick Stewart is one of my favorite actors. I came to love TNG just as much as I loved Stewart, warts and all.
I started watching DS9 in July and have already finished it. Suffice it to say that I love DS9 even more. I was unsure of it when I watched the first episode, but by the end of season 1 I was certain that this show was going to be even more enjoyable than TNG, and I was right.
After finishing up with DS9 (did that ending break anyone else's heart?) I was excited to start with VOY. After the first episode I thought that there wasn't a good character to latch onto like in TNG or DS9. Sure, Capt. Janeway was competent, but she wasn't really interesting. As the season went on I found that the same could be said for the other characters.
I just don't find any of them interesting or even likable. Neelix is annoying, Tom Paris lacks depth, I found Chakotay's character to be very dated, and so on. Then I did some reading and discovered that the characters don't really change significantly over the series. At that point I figured that the show might not be for me.
Nonetheless, I have to ask the people of this forum; Does the show get better? I consider myself an avid Trekkie at this point, and I'm not about to give up on this show. What do you like about it? What's your favorite aspect of the show and why?
Tl;dr I did not enjoy the first season of VOY, should I continue watching the series?
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2020.09.10 12:02 MarcoHanYT Match Thread: Round 17 - Geelong Cats vs Richmond Tigers

B Jake Kolodjashnij Lachie Henderson Harry Taylor
HB Jack Henry Mark Blicavs Tom Stewart
C Zach Tuohy Patrick Dangerfield Sam Menegola
HF Luke Dahlhaus Gary Rohan Tom Atkins
F Jed Bews Tom Hawkins Gryan Miers
Foll Esava Ratugolea Cameron Guthrie Brandan Parfitt
I/C Mark O'Connor Mitch Duncan Lachie Fogarty
I/C Brad Close
Emerg Ben Jarvis Josh Jenkins Zach Guthrie
In: Zach Tuohy, Esava Ratugolea
Out: Josh Jenkins (omitted), Zach Guthrie (omitted)
Venue: Metricon Stadium
Date/Time: Friday, 11th of September at 7:50 pm
Viewing: Live matches are shown on Seven and Fox Footy during the AFL Season
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2020.09.05 10:56 MarcoHanYT Match Thread: Round 16 - Geelong Cats vs Essendon Bombers

B Jake Kolodjashnij Lachie Henderson Harry Taylor
HB Jack Henry Mark Blicavs Tom Stewart
C Mitch Duncan Patrick Dangerfield Sam Menegola
HF Luke Dahlhaus Gary Rohan Tom Atkins
F Brad Close Tom Hawkins Gryan Miers
Foll Rhys Stanley Cameron Guthrie Lachie Fogarty
I/C Mark O'Connor Jed Bews Brandan Parfitt
I/C Zach Tuohy
Emerg Cooper Stephens Josh Jenkins Jordan Clark
In: Lachie Fogarty
Out: Jack Steven (Injured)
Venue: Gabba
Date/Time: Sunday, 6th of September at 3:35pm
Viewing: Live matches are shown on Seven and Fox Footy during the AFL Season
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2020.09.04 03:24 remix6464 Race Thread: 2020 Kentucky Derby

Post selections here and go to the Discord for live analysis!
New to horse racing? Check out the Wiki for user generated, educational content!
2019 Kentucky Derby Thread

Kentucky Derby Presented by Woodford Reserve (GI)

Where : Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky My Old Kentucky Home
Date : Saturday, September 5th (Rescheduled from the first Saturday in May)
Watch : NBC - 2:30-7:15pm EST
Preview : Bloodhorse
Prep Races : Kentucky Derby prep Races
Race: Kentucky Derby (G1) Track: Churchill Downs Distance: 1 1/4 M Surface: Dirt Purse: $3,000,000 Age: 3 yo Time: 7:01pm EST 
PP Horse Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L
1 Finnick the Fierce (KY) Martin Garcia 126 Rey Hernandez 50/1
2 Max Player (KY) Ricardo Santana, Jr. 126 Steven M. Asmussen 30/1
3 Enforceable (KY) Adam Beschizza 126 Mark E. Casse 30/1
4 Storm the Court (KY) Julien R. Leparoux 126 Peter Eurton 50/1
5 Major Fed (KY) James Graham 126 Gregory D. Foley 50/1
6 King Guillermo (KY) Samy Camacho 126 Juan Carlos Avila 20/1
7 Money Moves (KY) Javier Castellano 126 Todd A. Pletcher 30/1
8 South Bend (KY) Tyler Gaffalione 126 William I. Mott 50/1
9 Mr. Big News (KY) Gabriel Saez 126 W. Bret Calhoun 50/1
10 Thousand Words (FL) Florent Geroux 126 Bob Baffert 15/1
11 Necker Island (KY) Miguel Mena 126 Chris A. Hartman 50/1
12 Sole Volante (KY) Luca Panici 126 Patrick L. Biancone 30/1
13 Attachment Rate (VA) Joseph Talamo 126 Dale L. Romans 50/1
14 Winning Impression (KY) Joseph Rocco, Jr. 126 Dallas Stewart 50/1
15 Ny Traffic (NY) Paco Lopez 126 Saffie A. Joseph, Jr. 20/1
16 Honor A. P. (KY) Mike E. Smith 126 John A. Shirreffs 5/1
17 Tiz the Law (NY) Manuel Franco 126 Barclay Tagg 3/5
18 Authentic (KY) John R. Velazquez 126 Bob Baffert 8/1
Position # Horse Win Place Show
1st: 18 Authentic $ 18.80 $ 6.00 $ 5.00
2nd: 17 Tiz The Law $ 3.40 $ 3.20
3rd: 9 Mr. Big News $ 16.80
4th: 16 Honor A. P.
5th: 2 Max Player
$1.00 EXACTA 18-17 $20.50
$0.50 TRIFECTA 18-17-9 $655.90
$0.10 SUPERFECTA 18-17-9-16 $792.58
$1.00 SUPERHIGHFIVE 18-17-9-16-2 $77,251.20
$1.00 DAILY DOUBLE 4/18 $127.00
$1.00 DAILY DOUBLE 4/10 $8.80
$0.50 PICK 3 3 OF 3 4/4/10 $20.80
$0.50 PICK 3 3 OF 3 4/4/18 $272.85
$0.50 PICK 4 4 OF 4 6/4/4/18 $2,789.30
$0.50 PICK 5 5 OF 5 2/6/4/4/18 $76,653.45
$0.20 PICK 6 6 OF 6 9/2/6/4/4/18 $278,513.32
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2020.08.27 10:31 MarcoHanYT Match Thread: Round 14 - Geelong Cats vs Western Bulldogs

B Jake Kolodjashnij Lachie Henderson Harry Taylor
HB Jack Henry Mark Blicavs Tom Stewart
C Mitch Duncan Patrick Dangerfield Sam Menegola
HF Luke Dahlhaus Gary Rohan Tom Atkins
F Brad Close Tom Hawkins Gryan Miers
Foll Rhys Stanley Cameron Guthrie Brandan Parfitt
I/C Mark O'Connor Jed Bews Jack Steven
I/C Zach Tuohy
Emerg Lachie Fogarty Esava Ratugolea Jordan Clark
In: Zach Tuohy, Harry Taylor
Out: Jordan Clark (omitted), Esava Ratugolea (omitted)
Venue: Metricon Stadium
Date/Time: Friday, 28th of August at 7:50pm AEST
Viewing: Live matches are shown on Seven and Fox Footy during the AFL Season
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2020.08.27 09:39 HauntedSpy SKs you never might've heard of: The USA

Greetings. For a long while now, I've been compiling and continue to compile a long list of SKs (convicted and suspected) across the world, which have yet to receive an article on Wikipedia. I haven't run a countdown, but I do believe it might count in the triple digits by now. Anyway, today I decided to share one individual SK for each US state and territory, with a little information and a linked article/source to their crimes. I hope you find this information as fascinating as I do. Let us begin. ALABAMA: Curtis Grantham (1988; 3 victims) Murdered two women in Phenix City, burying them in a wooded area in Seale. Later confessed to the October murder of 32-year-old Dawn Ball, previously thought to be a victim of Christopher Wilder. Sentenced to life imprisonment. ALASKA: Gary Zieger (1971-1973; 6+ victims) Doubling as a member of a motorcycle gang who was paid to kill people, Zieger is also thought to be responsible for murdering at least three female hitchhikers around Anchorage. The true extents of his crimes remains unclear, and he himself was murdered along the Seward Highway in 1973. AMERICAN SAMOA: None to my knowledge ARIZONA: Michael Carlson (2003-2009; 3-9 victims) Shot dead his sister in Tucson in 2003, and later murdered a couple in Marana. Confessed to 9 murders in total, but his other victims, if there are any, haven't been found. Sentenced to death. ARKANSAS: Randy Gay (1978-2011; 3 victims) Murdered his father-in-law in 1978, served time and released. Murdered his father in 1991, released again. And finally, murdered a woman and dumped her body at Ouachita National Forest in 2011. Sentenced to death. CALIFORNIA: Pittsburg serial killer (1998-1999; 4 victims) Within a two-month period, four young women were killed in this little, tightly-knit community. It is believed that it's a work of a serial offender, and the Pittsburg police are searching for clues to catch him. Unidentified. COLORADO: Ronald Lee White (1987-1988; 3-16 victims) Murdered roommate and two other men in disputes/robberies, mostly surrounding Pueblo. Later confessed that he has killed 16 victims in total. Authorities believe that at least four cold cases around the state could be tied to him. Sentenced to life imprisonment. CONNECTICUT: Zackery Cody Franklin (2007-2011; 4 victims) Murdered four men around New Haven for mostly robbery purposes. Originally convicted for two homicides, later connected to the other two. Sentenced to life imprisonment. D.C.: Greg Brice (1994-1996; 4 victims) Shot two men in two separate instances for personal disputes. Escaped confinement in December 1995, and a few months later, murdered two men. Recaptured, and sentenced to long imprisonment terms. DELAWARE: James Gordy (unknown-1897; 1-4 victims) Battered his wife to death with an oar in 1897; suspected in the suspicious deaths of his father, ex-wife and their child. Executed in Georgetown in 1897. FLORIDA: Leon Holston (1964-1966; 4 victims) Murdered four young boys in Pompano Beach, while he himself was still a teenager. Sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment. GEORGIA: John Robinson (unknown-1901; 1-6 victims) Known as "The Colored Ripper", he was executed for the strangulation murder of a young black woman in Laurens County, whose body he viciously mutilated after. Five other similar murders were suspected to be his doing, but never proven. Executed in Dublin in 1902. GUAM: None to my knowledge HAWAII: Robert Mark Edwards (1986-1994; 2+ victims) Convicted of raping, robbing and murdering two female realtors, one in Los Alamitos, CA, and the other in Kihei, HI. The gap between his crimes, and their severity, leads me to believe he might have other victims, likely in California. Sentenced to death in California and life imprisonment in Hawaii. IDAHO: Gerald Pizzuto (1985; 4 victims) Murdered a woman and a man in Seattle, WA during robberies. Later moved to Boise, ID, where he murdered a couple in a remote cabin. Sentenced to death in Idaho. ILLINOIS: Michael A. Johnson, Jr. (2008-2010; 4 victims) Rapist who abused and murderd young women in Chicago. It's peculiar to note that he strangled them with a deformed right hand, which was missing three fingers. Sentenced to life imprisonment. INDIANA: Anna Cunningham (1918-1922; 5 victims) Poisoned her family members with arsenic in Gary. Sentenced to life imprisonment for one murder, but later paroled for unspecified reasons. Died a free woman in 1945. IOWA: Donald Piper (1993-1998; 2-4 victims) Hotel maintenance chief who stabbed and strangled two women in Des Moines, and is suspected of another two similar killings during that time period. Sentenced to life imprisonment. KANSAS: Mary Troy (1909; 3+ victims) Murdered at least three children in Topeka, all of whom were entrusted in her care. Possibly responsible for half a dozen similar deaths. Fate unknown. KENTUCKY: Michael Abner (1983-2010; 3 victims) Following his arrest for the stabbing death of an elderly man in Pulaski County, he confessed to two cold cases involving strangulation of old women, in 1983 and 1988. Sentenced to life imprisonment. LOUISIANA: Edward Augustine (2007-2011; 3 victims) Involved in a fatal car crash while driving a stolen vehicle in New Orleans, charges dismissed. Later, he and another man killed two men in Jefferson Parish. Rearrested and serving a 40-year prison term. MAINE: Constance Fisher (1954-1966; 6 victims) Mentally-ill woman who drowned six children, three each on two separate occassions, in Waterville. Confined to a mental hospital, but managed to escape and later drowned herself in the Kennebec River in 1973. MARYLAND: Patrick McCullough (1980-2001; 3 victims) Deaf man who murdered two employers (1980 and 1982) in Annapolis, and later his girlfriend in Waldorf (2001). After killing her, he shot himself through the head. MASSACHUSETTS: John Monteiro (2007-2010; 3 victims) Rhode Island man who murdered a man in Brockton in July 2007, and later shot a brother and sister to death. Sentenced to life imprisonment. MICHIGAN: Paul Harrington (1975-1999; 5 victims) Former Detroit police officer who shot his ex-wife and two children in 1975; sent to mental institution and released after two years. After living a relatively peaceful life for many years, he was fired from his job and stopped taking his medication, leading to him killing his new wife and son in 1999. Sentenced to life imprisonment. MINNESOTA: David Torgerson (1969-1973; 6+ victims) Murdered two Minneapolis women in 1969 on separate occassions, and later on, his wife, two children and the babysitter in Rochester. Suspected of more murders since the 1950s. Hanged himself before trial for killing his family. MISSISSIPPI: Columbus elderly murderer (1996-1998; 4-5 victims) In two years, five elderly people were murdered in Columbus. Three years ago, DNA evidence snatched a man named David Solomon Murray, from Pine Bluff, AR, as the killer of one of the victims, but we're yet to see if he's responsible for the others. Unresolved case. MISSOURI: John Wesley Robinson (1896-1913; 3 victims) Strangled a woman in St. Louis and later buried her corpse under the floorboards. Arrested, served 11 years and released. In 1913, he murdered his wife (April 11th) and his stepdaughter (May 17th), dismembering each body and burning the remains in the stove or burying them. Executed in Kansas City in 1915. MONTANA: Ah Yung (unknown-1883; 1-17) Chinese immigrant who murdered a paymaster in Missoula. Authorities suspected he killed a total of seventeen people (two white men and fifteen Chinese), but not much information is available about them. Executed in Missoula in 1883. NEBRASKA: Clarence Victor (1964-1988; 3 victims) Mentally-disabled man who murdered an elderly woman in her Omaha home. Had previous convictions for manslaughter and murder, in 1964 and 1976, respectively. Died in prison. NEVADA: Norman Flowers (2005; 3 victims) Las Vegas rapist who killed the daughter of a former girlfriend in March. Two months later, in the span of eight hours, he raped and strangled two women with a telephone cord. Sentenced to life imprisonment. NEW HAMPSHIRE: Craig Conkey (1991-1994; 3 victims) Killed two women in Lexington, MA, in 1992 and 1994. In 2012, admitted to fatally stabbing a New Hampshire university employee in 1991. Sentenced to life imprisonment. NEW JERSEY: Shiquan Bellamy (2010; 5 victims) Between February and April, murdered three men and a couple in Jersey City during robberies and an attempted carjacking. Sentenced to life imprisonment. NEW MEXICO: Clifton Bloomfield (2005-2008; 5 victims) Murdered five people around the state, including a couple. In 2018, he was aided in a prison escape by a guard, but was recaptured. Sentenced to life imprisonment. NEW YORK: Dmitriy Yakovlev (2003-2007; 3 victims) Russian immigrant who, together with his wife, killed three other Russian emigrants in Brooklyn so he could steal their possessions and bank cards, which he later sold off. Sentenced to life imprisonment. NORTH CAROLINA: Herman Allen (1930-1942; 4 victims) First murdered a boarder in his Johnston County home because he believed he was having an affair with his wife. Convicted of manslaughter and released 11 years later, still believing that people were oogling after his wife, he shot to death his wife, brother-in-law and a man he believed to have been courting her. Executed in 1942. NORTH DAKOTA: Floyd Tapson (1987-1996; 0-3+ victims) Suspected, but not convicted, in killing disabled women at group homes, two in MN (Moorhead and Wadena) and one in Grand Forks. Possibly responsible for similar murders in Baltimore, MD. Sentenced to 75 years for kidnapping in Montana. NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS: None to my knowledge OHIO: Oliver Crook Haugh (1890s-1905; 3-5+ victims) Doctor who murdered his parents and brother in Dayton, and was tied to at least two further murders of concubines in Lorraine and Chicago, IL. Many patients of his, spanning across multiple states dating back to 1890s, died in mysterious circumstances as well. He was also a childhood bully to none other than Wilbur Wright, of the Wright Brothers fame. Executed in 1907. OKLAHOMA: Wayne Garrison (1972-1989; 3 victims) Vicious killer of two toddlers (1972 and 1974) and a 13-year-old Tulsa boy in 1989, whose dismembered remains were found in a lake. His 1970s killings were done while he was still a child. Sentenced to death. OREGON: William Perry Jackson (1980s; 5+ victims) Murdered and robbed people around Portland, sometimes with accomplices. Escaped prison with a convicted bank robber, but later recaptured. Suspect in as many as 30 murders in Oregon and Washington State. Sentenced to life imprisonment. PENNSYLVANIA: Jermaine Burgess (2008: 2+ victims) Career criminal who robbed and murdered two elderly women in Ridley Township and Upper Darby (October 27th and November 10th, respectively). Authorities believe he has committed other murders as well. Sentenced to life imprisonment. PUERTO RICO: Ángel Colón Maldonado (1985-1987; 27 victims) Known as "The Angel of the Bachelors", he lured men for sexual favors, and after he was given various luxurious items, he killed his lovers. Fled to the continental states, but was quickly recaptured. Sentenced to life imprisonment. RHODE ISLAND: Jeffrey Mailhot (2003-2004; 3 victims) Known as "The Rhode Island Ripper", he strangled and then dismembered three prostitutes in his hometown of Woonsocket. Sentenced to life imprisonment. SOUTH CAROLINA: Joseph Ernest Atkins (1969-1986; 3 victims) Shot his brother in North Charleston in 1969. Sentenced to life imprisonment, but his father pleaded for his release, and he was paroled in 1980. Six years later, as an act of gratitude, he shot his father and a 13-year-old neighbor on October 27, 1986. Executed in 1999. SOUTH DAKOTA: Rapid City Creek Drownings (1998-2000; 0-11+ victims) Suspicious deaths of homeless men in Rapid City, six of whom were Native Americans. They stopped just as mysteriously as they began, and authorities believe that they were possibly murdered by a serial offender who might've moved away, presumably to Denver, CO. Unsolved. TENNESSEE: Michael Mullins (1999-2012; 3+ victims) Career criminal and serial rapist who beat and strangled elderly women in Memphis. Strong possibility of additional murders and assaults committed by him. Sentenced to life imprisonment. TEXAS: Tommy Lee Stewart (1971-1986; 3 victims) Abducted and killed a woman in Waco in 1971. Released from prison in 1986 and moved to Port Arthur, where he later murdered a mother and child. Sentenced to life imprisonment. U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Croix Voodoo Poisonings (1984-1988; 5 victims) Five people were poisoned in St. Croix with cyanide, in what appears to be ritualistic slayings. Police suspect a conman, posing as an 'obeah man' (a type of shaman), to be behind the murders. Unsolved. UTAH: Thomas Noffsinger (1989-1990; 3 victims) Strangled and raped two women two months apart in Millcreek and Sandy, and later stabbed a Salt Lake City chef to death in 1990. Sentenced to life imprisonment. VERMONT: Gary Lee Schaefer (1979-1983; 3+ victims) Springfield automechanic who raped and strangled three girls in his hometown. At one time suspected to be responsible for other murders, but this hasn't been proven so far. Sentenced to life imprisonment. VIRGINIA: Walter Cotton and Brandt O'Grady (1898-1900; in the dozens, couldn't determine exact number) An unlikely pair considering the time period (black man and Irish immigrant) who robbed and murdered people around the state, mostly around Emporia. Both were lynched at Greensville by an angry mob in 1900. WASHINGTON: Donna Perry (1990; 3 victims) Known as "The .22 Caliber Killer", who killed three prostitutes in Seattle between February and March 1990. Interestingly, Perry is one of the few known transsexual SKs on record, committing the murders when she still identified as a man. Sentenced to life imprisonment. WEST VIRGINIA: Joseph Eisele (1867; 3 victims) German/Swiss immigrant known as 'The Parkersburg Murderer' who murdered three fellow immigrants for robbery purposes across the state between June and December. Interestingly, another self-confessed SK, Thomas D. Carr, admitted to being his accomplice in one murder, but this was unsubstantiated. Executed in Parkersburg in 1868. WISCONSIN: Alvin Taylor (1985-1988; 4 victims) Nightclub singer who murdered three men in Dunn and Eau Claire Counties, as well as one in the state of Minnesota. Sentenced to psychiatric treatment. WYOMING: Rawlins Rodeo Murders (1974; 4 victims) Over the summer, four young girls disappeared from rodeos in the small town of Rawlins. Only one body was found nine years later in Sinclair, while the others remain missing and are presumed dead. Royal Russell Long, a convicted kidnapper additionally suspected of killing two Oklahoma girls in the 1980s, is the prime suspect, although some theorize Ted Bundy might've been involved. Unsolved.
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2020.08.22 12:26 MarcoHanYT Match Thread: Round 13 - Geelong Cats vs Adelaide Crows

B Jake Kolodjashnij Lachie Henderson Jordan Clark
HB Jack Henry Mark Blicavs Tom Stewart
C Jack Steven Patrick Dangerfield Sam Menegola
HF Luke Dahlhaus Gary Rohan Mitch Duncan
F Brad Close Tom Hawkins Tom Atkins
Foll Rhys Stanley Cameron Guthrie Brandan Parfitt
I/C Mark O'Connor Jed Bews Esava Ratugolea
I/C Gryan Miers
Emerg Lachie Fogarty Cooper Stephens Francis Evans
In: Jordan Clark, Brad Close, Luke Dahlhaus, Esava Ratugolea, Jack Steven
Out: oel Selwood (injured), Zach Tuohy (injured), Sam Simpson (injured), Harry Taylor (managed), Lachie Fogarty (omitted)
Venue: Adelaide Oval
Date/Time: Sunday, 23rd of August, 1:05pm AEST
Viewing: Live matches are shown on Seven and Fox Footy during the AFL Season
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2020.08.20 11:59 StanleyBolten Alex Jones terminates career of Millie Weaver; treats her exact same way as Brian D. Hill of USWGO; Millie Weaver of Infowars FIRED

Alex Jones terminates career of Millie Weaver; treats her exact same way as Brian D. Hill of USWGO; Millie Weaver of Infowars FIRED
by Laurie Azgard
Alex Jones has fired news reporting contractor Millennial Millie aka Millie Weaver who did news reports for Infowars and also does her own news reporting which makes her competition to Alex Jones. Millie Weaver put out a tweet confirming that Alex Jones has turned his back on Millie Weaver over criminal charges stirred up from a domestic family dispute during the Covid-19 lockdowns and fear mongering by the mainstream media. news outlet reported that Millie Weaver’s mother did not want a prosecution over that family dispute.
This is Millie’s mother … It’s my cell phone worth about $50, that she took during a family dispute that happened months ago when I was in Ohio visiting my family. She took it because I had my phone on record during an argument we were having. We resolved the issue immediately and I dropped all charges right after it happened before I left Ohio … because it was a gross misunderstanding and no harm was done. All families have their disagreements…especially during a quarantine…. In Ca nothing happens when you call the police…..I am shocked my family was arrested after I told the police to drop all charges months ago. I had a general affidavit of non prosecution notarized today and I spoke with the police chief , who told me I could not do anything until Monday morning and my daughter, son and her boyfriend have to stay in jail over the weekend. I am extremely upset… this is not what I wanted to happen. I think they have a lot bigger fish to fry…makes me think this might have been done to prevent her from coming out with some political information she is covering. There was no reason for this. Quoted on but originally was from a YouTube video comment
Even entertaining news journalist Mark Dice [Wayback Machine archive] gave his two cents on the issue, and I agree with his analysis, that Millie Weaver was targeted for being an investigative journalist. I do not think it was entirely for her documentary ShadowGate, but that she was targeted for all of the news work she ever had done period as an investigative journalist. To kill the messenger and discredit the messages she was bringing out.
Alex Jones has also stirred up infighting between the QAnon people and the Alex Jones [Infowars] supporters. Alex Jones even claimed that people or a person thinking they were working for QAnon were trying to ram a train into a Naval ship thinking that George Soros and the members of the cabal were on that ship. QAnon never advocated violent action on the record on any of the QAnon posting websites like
Alex Jones had even stirred up false information that Millie Weaver’s documentary “ShadowGate” is attacking Roger Stone as some kind of kingpin or mastermind who is working with General Jones on ShadowNet.
Even military veteran Patrick Bergy who had been interviewed on Millie’s ShadowGate documentary who had also written the book “Victim of the Swamp” decried Alex Jone’s lying or exaggerating what the truth actually was. Two tweets [first and second] archived on Wayback Machine [first and second].
Veteran Patrick Bergy even said on Twitter that he was respectful to Alex Jones and yet Alex threw him under the bus, and that was before Alex Jones fired Millie Weaver and threw her under the bus. Said “…I said to Alex during my interview it seemed Infowars was the one place I could trust. I was respectful to Alex & his staff both on-air & off. Alex chose, for whatever reason, to throw me under the bus…” [excerpt of entire citation].
This is not the first time that Alex Jones has bailed on one of his own allies when one of his allies in the information warfare were faced with legal prosecution/persecution.
Meet Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news.
Brian D. Hill on left of the photograph, Alex Jones at the center, and Stewart Rhodes at the right. Photograph dated June, 2012.
Brian had been set up in 2012, and was raided by Town of Mayodan Police Department in North Carolina after Brian had released a document dump in August, 2012 due to a Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] request proving that the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] fusion centers were conducting surveillance on Infowars and those that commented on their websites.
Brian’s story about being hacked and set up with child porn, then federally charged was even on media websites like ActivistPost, SteemIt, and We Are Change. Even with all of the evidence alleged in Brian’s federal case and his actual innocence claims, Alex Jones has still refused to cover Brian’s story even till this very day, even Rob Dew is ignoring the case or refusing to cover it. Even corrupt Infowars reporter Darrin McBreen even blocked Brian from calling his cell phone number back in 2018.
Alex Jones turned his back on Millie Weaver exactly 2 days after the charges against Millie Weaver were made public on Portage County, Ohio court records under the criminal case no. 2020CR00534C. That is in the court of common pleas.
Alex Jones turned his back on Brian Hill shortly after the Mayodan Police raid and then his family witnessed that somebody working for Infowars had attempted to delete his family’s operated Facebook support page for Justice for Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news]. His family is allowing me to bring out this information not publicly disclosed years ago. Somebody working for Infowars on Facebook was made an admin or Moderator of Brian’s support group when his family was organizing the support page after Brian was arrested by Department of Homeland Security agents in December, 2013. Even Americas wrongfully convicted Facebook page tried to report on Brian’s detainment. The support page was so effective that even the Guilford County [Greensboro, North Carolina] jail staff sent armed goons up to Brian’s cell to intimidate him to persuade his family to stop the online campaign against the Jail for not taking care of Brian’s diabetes properly.
Then there was infighting in the support page, which were likely staged from cointelpro agents. One of them may be Dan Johnson, who was supposedly Brian’s activist buddy and friend. Another one may be Sean Justus [Popeye] aka James Ball of So Alex Jones turned his back on Brian more quickly than with Millie Weaver because Brian wasn’t a special guest on the Alex Jones show even though Millie Weaver would appear on the Alex Jones show from time to time depending on what issue she is covering. Of course we can’t prove whether or not Popeye aka Sean Justus of is cointelpro but he and Dan Johnson were acting weird towards Brian. That is the inside information about all of that. Then of course Dan Johnson started acting paranoid and wanted to record the phone conversations, and wanted Brian to forward his jail mail to him by his family. They disagreed with Dan and then Dan started the infighting against Brian’s family members which caused the support group to collapse. Thus Brian was never able to get a crowd sourced fundraiser for his legal costs and so he was appointed a CORRUPT public defender Eric David Placke. Placke reportedly made Brian take a guilty plea to child porn or face twenty years in federal prison. Placke ignored factual evidence of false confession and ignored evidence that child porn was downloading for 11 months after his laptop was already seized. Placke ignored the threatening emails from, even though that set up campaign continued until Alex Jones was almost framed with child porn in the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit in 2019.
Susan Basko, an attorney/counselor for the U.S. Supreme Court filed an affidavit proclaiming Brian’s actual innocence but was also ignored by his court appointed lawyers Eric Placke and John Scott Coalter.
Despite all of the evidence that would cause any reasonable jury to find Brian D. Hill not guilty of his charge, Alex Jones would never let Brian on his show to discuss his case. Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer let Brian call in a few times, and tell his story briefly. However now even Owen Shroyer just acts as a puppet, a tool for Alex Jones to use and then dispose of.
The evidence is quite damning, both Millie Weaver aka Millennial Millie and Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news do not deserve a criminal conviction and were clearly being persecuted for their activism and their journalism.
Alex Jones failed to even demonstrate on his show that the CORRUPT Portage County prosecutor Victor V. Vigluicci happens to be a democrat party member which means that he will do everything he can to persecute Donald Trump supporters in Portage County as political enemies. Alex Jones attacks the democrats everyday on his talk show but fails to bring out how Millie Weaver’s criminal case prosecutor is a democrat party hackjob prosecutor. Why is Alex Jones turning his back on his allies? Alex Jones claims that he is standing in the way between us and the New World Order that wants to come after us. Well I guess Alex Jones stepped aside to let Brian D. Hill and Millie Weaver be non-literally slaughtered by political character assassins.
This blog does not think that Millie Weaver’s arrest was to stop the ShadowGate documentary from being released because the information leaks out anyways and cannot be stopped. More likely, they wanted to ASSASSINATE the character of Millie Weaver so that the documentary ShadowGate and any other news reports by Millie Weaver [including the Sunrise movement] would be discredited and have no value. They cannot assassinate the message about the Deep State so they assassinate the messenger which is Millie Weaver, to permanently discredit her and hold her criminal charges over her head like they did with Brian Hill. Make her a felon since corrupt lawyers give opinions that “felons are liars” and then destroy her reputation to ruin everything she had ever exposed in her life as a journalist.
It is also critical to note that Alex Jones lost in the Connecticut Supreme Court in regards to an emergency appeal or mandamus relief in regards to the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit. Alex Jones also had reached a confidential settlement with copyright troll Righthaven LLC after he said as reported by Vegas Inc. [formerly Las Vegas Sun] “Jones in July vowed to fight the lawsuit, calling it “totally without merit” and saying it “appears to be purely predatory.” Alex Jones has failed us and lied about things. Brian D. Hill did not bow down to Righthaven LLC and refused settlement which landed him a story in the New York Times back in 2011.
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2020.08.14 10:41 cww1968 Random Friday Rewatch Discussion - TNG S1E16 "Too Short a Season"

Episodes will be randomly selected by this unknowable machine.
The Next Generation - Season 1 Episode 16 "Too Short a Season"
Release date: 8 February, 1988
Plot Summary, from Wikipedia:
The Federation starship Enterprise, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), brings aboard the elderly Admiral Mark Jameson and his wife Anne (Marsha Hunt) on request of Karnas (Michael Pataki), the Governor of Mordan IV. Karnas warns that a dissident terrorist group has taken a Federation Ambassador and his staff hostage, and demand to speak to a negotiator. Jameson had negotiated a previous settlement on Mordan IV. As the ship travels to Mordan IV, Jameson becomes stronger and more able to move about on his own, and no longer shows signs of the terminal Iverson's Disease he was known to have before he was beamed aboard. Jameson admits to taking an array of drugs to reverse the aging process over the last two years, and only recently has taken an overdose of the drugs to prepare himself for the negotiations. Jameson begins to appear younger and full of energy, but has frequent pains as a result of the overdose. By the time they are nearing Mordan, Jameson appears as a young adult.
As they approach the planet, Jameson begins audio communication with Karnas to learn more of the situation, but soon intuits that it is Karnas himself that has taken the Federation staff. Karnas reminds Jameson that his treachery during their last encounter on Mordan IV resulted in years of war. Against the advice of Picard, Jameson devises plans to rescue the hostages by transporting the away team to the tunnels beneath Karnas' mansion, where Jameson believes the hostages are being held. Picard privately confronts Jameson about Karnas' motives. Jameson reveals that in the past, Karnas captured a Federation starliner in revenge for the death of his father by another local tribe. Jameson negotiated for the passengers' release by giving Karnas what he demanded, a supply of Federation weapons. However, Jameson, in his interpretation of the Prime Directive, also supplied the warring tribes with an equal number of weapons. Jameson had thought this would only lead to a short-lived skirmish, and had not expected a war that would last over forty years. Jameson is now insistent on correcting his past mistake and thus took the reverse aging drug in order to be at his best.
In orbit, the Enterprise crew and Jameson beam down into the tunnels beneath Karnas' manor, but find that their arrival was anticipated and face off against armed guards. Jameson collapses during the fight, and the crew beams back to the Enterprise. Jameson was not shot, but the reverse aging drug is destroying his body. Karnas demands to see Jameson or he will kill a hostage every 15 minutes. Picard opts to beam himself, Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden), Jameson, and eventually Jameson's wife Anne directly to Karnas' office. Karnas refuses to believe that the young man is Jameson, so Jameson reveals a scar on his wrist inflicted by Karnas years ago. Jameson dies shortly afterward in his wife's embrace. Karnas agrees to let the hostages go, and to allow Jameson to be buried on Mordan IV at Anne's request.
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2020.08.13 13:22 MarcoHanYT Match Thread: Round 12 - Geelong Cats vs Port Adelaide Power

B Mark Blicavs Lachie Henderson Jed Bews
HB Zach Tuohy Harry Taylor Tom Stewart
C Sam Menegola Lachie Fogarty Mitch Duncan
HF Sam Simpson Tom Hawkins Jake Kolodjashnij
F Gryan Miers Cameron Guthrie Gary Rohan
Foll Rhys Stanley Patrick Dangerfield Joel Selwood
I/C Jack Henry Brandan Parfitt Mark O'Connor
I/C Tom Atkins
Emerg Brad Close Zach Guthrie Jordan Clark
In: Lachie Fogarty, Sam Simpson
Out: Jack Steven (Managed), Brad Close (Managed)
Venue: Metricon Stadium
Date/Time: Friday, 14th of August at 7:50 pm
Viewing: Live matches are shown on Seven and Fox Footy during the AFL Season
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2020.08.09 11:18 MarcoHanYT Match Thread: Round 11 - Geelong Cats vs St Kilda Saints

B Mark Blicavs Lachie Henderson Jack Henry
HB Zach Tuohy Harry Taylor Tom Stewart
C Sam Menegola Mitch Duncan Mark O'Connor
HF Brad Close Tom Hawkins Tom Atkins
F Gryan Miers Cameron Guthrie Gary Rohan
Foll Rhys Stanley Patrick Dangerfield Joel Selwood
I/C Jed Bews Jake Kolodjashnij Brandan Parfitt
I/C Jack Steven
Emerg Lachie Fogarty Esava Ratugolea Sam Simpson
In: Kolodjashnij, Parfit, Rohan
Out: Fogarty (Managed), Z Guthrie (Managed), Simpson (Managed)
Venue: Gabba
Date/Time: Monday 10th of August at 6:10 pm
Viewing: Live matches are shown on Seven and Fox Footy during the AFL Season
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2020.08.04 10:41 MarcoHanYT Match Thread: Round 10 - Geelong Cats vs North Melbourne Kangaroos

B Mark Blicavs Lachie Henderson Jack Henry
HB Zach Tuohy Harry Taylor Tom Stewart
C Sam Menegola Mitch Duncan Mark O'Connor
HF Brad Close Tom Hawkins Tom Atkins
F Jack Steven Gryan Miers Sam Simpson
Foll Rhys Stanley Patrick Dangerfield Joel Selwood
I/C Jed Bews Zach Guthrie Lachie Fogarty
I/C Cameron Guthrie
Emerg Nathan Kreuger Cooper Stephens James Parsons
In: T.Atkins, J.Steven, R.Stanley, J.Selwood, Z.Guthrie
Out: C.Constable (concussion), J.Kolodjashnij (managed), G.Rohan (managed), E.Ratugolea (managed), B.Parfitt (managed)
Venue: Gabba
Date/Time: Wednesday, 9th of August at 5:40pm
Viewing: Live matches are shown on Seven and Fox Footy during the AFL Season
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2020.08.02 19:01 ImADudeDuh The Classic Disco Singles Rate!


What it is, foxy mamas and closet disco queens? Ready for the grooviest, niftiest, most out of sight rate to get your groove on? Ready to feel the funk? Get down? And more importantly, BOOGIE? It’s the jive turkey himself, ImADudeDuh lettin’ you know what’s the skinny.
Ok, I was gonna continue this 70s lingo bit for longer, but I accidentally used a word that I read referred to guys that liked disco music, but it turned out it is now a racial slur so I’m stopping myself.
So yes! Welcome to the Classic Disco Singles Rate! Here, we will be celebrating one of the most overhated genres of all time due to racism, homophobia, and the AIDS epidemic! Disco music originated from the club/urban nightlife scene and was full of sexual liberation, dancing and drugs. Musically, disco was categorized by its synths, basslines, strings, and steady beats. In a couple years, it became the biggest trend towards the end of the 70s, until the overplay of disco got too much for american’s to handle and they spent the first 2 years of the 80s only letting bland ballads become hits.
But enough negativity! Disco has been an inspiration for so many songs since it’s popularity ended. Even this year, it became the sound of pop music (for popheads users who willfully ignore rap/trap/tik tok hits/anything that isn’t """"pure pop"""" music from this year). Looking back at disco with rose colored glasses, it was a great time, full of fun music that let anyone be as flamboyant as they please. So time to settle it, what is the best song from this genre left to time?


A Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie Alicia Bridges - I Love The Nightlife Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood Anita Ward - Ring My Bell Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie Barry Manilow - Copacabana (At The Copa) Barry White - You’re My First, My Last, My Everything Bee Gees - More Than A Woman Bee Gees - Stayin’ Alive Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancin’ Blondie - Heart of Glass Boney M. - Daddy Cool Boney M. - Rasputin Chaka Khan - I’m Every Woman Cheryl Lynn - Got to Be Real CHIC - Le Freak CHIC - Good Times Diana Ross - I’m Coming Out Diana Ross - Love Hangover Diana Ross - The Boss Diana Ross - Upside Down Donna Summer - Bad Girls Donna Summer - Hot Stuff Donna Summer - I Feel Love Donna Summer - Last Dance Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby Donna Summer - Macarthur Park Earth, Wind, and Fire - Boogie Wonderland Earth, Wind, and Fire - Let’s Groove Earth, Wind, and Fire - September George McCrae - Rock Your Baby Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life KC & The Sunshine Band - Shake Your Booty KC & The Sunshine Band - That’s The Way I Like It Kool and The Gang - Celebration Kool and The Gang - Get Down On It Lipps Inc. - Funkytown Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From Michael Jackson - Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough Michael Jackson - Rock With You Patrick Hernandez - Born to Be Alive Peaches & Herb - Shake Your Groove Thing Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover Rod Stewart - Do Ya Think I’m Sexy Rose Royce - Car Wash Silver Connection - Fly, Robin, Fly Silver Connection - Get Up and Boogie Sister Sledge - He’s The Greatest Dancer Sister Sledge - We Are Family Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) The Emotions - Best of My Love The Jacksons - Blame It On the Boogie The Trammps - Disco Inferno The Whispers - And The Beat Goes On Thelma Houston - Don’t Leave Me This Way Van McCoy - The Hustle Vicki Sue Robinson - Turn The Beat Around Village People - Go West Village People - In The Navy Village People - Macho Man Village People - YMCA Walter Murphy - A Fifth of Beethoven


  • We will be rating 65 songs in this rate, and yes, YOU MUST RATE THEM ALL FOR YOUR SCORES TO COUNT. In this case, rating the single edits of songs is alright, since most of these songs can go on for +6 minutes and some are over 10 minutes long stares angrily at Marvin and Donna
  • Assign a score to each song between 1 and 10. Decimals are fine, so long as they are to one decimal place (i.e. 5.4 is fine, 5.42 is not). Also, please use periods (.) for the decimal places and not commas (,)
  • You may give ONE song an 11 and ONE song a 0. Reserve these scores for your favorite and least favorite songs in the rate.
  • The only place you should submit your scores is at the preprepared link found below.
  • Feel free to change your scores at any time up to the due date, just PM me about it.
  • I reserved the right to reject and ask you to resubmit any ballot if I feel you are unfairly sabotaging any of the artists and/or have obviously inflated differences between them (but I’m not worried about Diana Ross stans going against KC & The Sunshine Band stans)
  • If you would like to add a comment to your scores (which is encouraged!!), the correct way to format them can be found below.
Donna Summer - Macarthur Park: 8 Looks like it’s a raindrop cake now
This is THE ONLY WAY to properly form comments.
Spotify Playlist / Apple Music Playlist



The due date is not finalized, but expect it to be SOMETIME IN EARLY/MID SEPTEMBER
And most importantly, remember to have fun enjoying the music! Disco is meant to be 100% fun so have a blast while you rate!
And remember to do the other rates we have going on right now!
Disco/Funk Revival Rate Women Who Rock Rate Emo Rate 1.5
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2020.08.01 14:40 AFLbot AFL 2020: Round 9 - West Coast Eagles (73) def Geelong Cats (64)

Post Match

Welcome to the /WestCoastEagles post match discussion for the round 9 match between the Eagles and the Cats. Be sure to grab your user flair from the sidebar; opposition fans and supporters welcome!


Match Details
Match AFL 2020 Round 9 - West Coast Eagles Vs Geelong Cats
Date Saturday 01 August 2020 @ 06:10 PM
Venue Optus Stadium (OS)
Weather 18.0C, Mostly Sunny


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
West Coast Eagles 3.0 (18) 4.2 (26) 7.6 (48) 11.7 (73)
Geelong Cats 4.0 (24) 7.0 (42) 9.2 (56) 10.4 (64)

Scoreboard: Quarter by Quarter

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
West Coast Eagles 3.0 (18) 1.2 (8) 3.4 (22) 4.1 (25)
Geelong Cats 4.0 (24) 3.0 (18) 2.2 (14) 1.2 (8)
Quarter Result GEEL by 6 pts GEEL by 10 pts WCE by 8 pts WCE by 17 pts
Quarter Length 28:00 mins 26:17 mins 25:41 mins 28:30 mins

Scoreboard: Extended

Team Minutes in front Left Behind Right Behind Left Poster Right Poster Rushed Behind Touched Behind
West Coast Eagles 19 mins 1 3 1 1 1 0
Geelong Cats 75 mins 1 3 0 0 0 0

Scoring Events

Qtr Time Score Team - Player (G.B)
1st Quarter
Q1 00:17 GOAL Eagles - Josh J. Kennedy (1.0)
Q1 03:38 GOAL Cats - Zach Tuohy (1.0)
Q1 05:40 GOAL Cats - Sam Menegola (1.0)
Q1 12:12 GOAL Eagles - Dom Sheed (1.0)
Q1 15:54 GOAL Cats - Mitch Duncan (1.0)
Q1 17:48 GOAL Eagles - Jack Darling (1.0)
Q1 22:17 GOAL Cats - Patrick Dangerfield (1.0)
2nd Quarter
Q2 00:41 BEHIND Eagles - Dom Sheed (1.1)
Q2 05:44 GOAL Cats - Brandan Parfitt (1.0)
Q2 10:44 GOAL Cats - Gryan Miers (1.0)
Q2 14:57 RUSHED BEHIND Eagles
Q2 16:27 GOAL Cats - Tom Hawkins (1.0)
Q2 21:20 GOAL Eagles - Dom Sheed (2.1)
3rd Quarter
Q3 01:04 BEHIND Eagles - Jack Darling (1.1)
Q3 03:45 GOAL Cats - Zach Tuohy (2.0)
Q3 11:19 BEHIND Eagles - Oscar Allen (0.1)
Q3 12:30 GOAL Eagles - Liam Ryan (1.0)
Q3 15:00 GOAL Eagles - Jamie Cripps (1.0)
Q3 16:55 BEHIND Cats - Gary Rohan (0.1)
Q3 17:59 BEHIND Eagles - Liam Ryan (1.1)
Q3 19:31 BEHIND Cats - Esava Ratugolea (0.1)
Q3 21:00 BEHIND Eagles - Liam Ryan (1.2)
Q3 23:46 GOAL Cats - Tom Hawkins (2.0)
Q3 25:34 GOAL Eagles - Brendon Ah Chee (1.0)
4th Quarter
Q4 01:05 GOAL Eagles - Josh J. Kennedy (2.0)
Q4 05:03 GOAL Cats - Sam Simpson (1.0)
Q4 09:08 GOAL Eagles - Josh J. Kennedy (3.0)
Q4 11:56 GOAL Eagles - Jack Darling (2.1)
Q4 14:12 BEHIND Cats - Patrick Dangerfield (1.1)
Q4 15:34 BEHIND Eagles - Liam Ryan (1.3)
Q4 23:22 BEHIND Cats - Sam Simpson (1.1)
Q4 25:58 GOAL Eagles - Josh J. Kennedy (4.0)

Team Statistics

West Coast Eagles Statistic Geelong Cats
39 Possession % 42
9 pts (25:58 4th Qtr) Biggest Lead 22 pts (16:27 2nd Qtr)
1127 Fantasy Team Score 1260
258 Disposals 280
113 Contested Possessions 108
143 Uncontested Possessions 173
69 Disposal Efficiency % 74
47 One Percenters 38
166 Kicks 183
92 Handballs 97
5 Bounces 0
46 Tackles 44
13 Tackles Inside 50s 10
10 Centre Clearances 13
25 Stoppage Clearances 19
35 Total Clearances 32
11 Contested Marks 12
10 Mark Inside 50s 9
45 Inside 50s 39
29 Rebound 50s 33
47 Turnovers 53
53 Intercepts 47
11 Goals 10
7 Behinds 4
52 Goal Accuracy 71
8 Goal Assists 8
24 Goal Efficiency 25
21 Shots At Goal 14
46 Shot Efficiency 35
39 Hit-Outs 25
15 Free Kicks For 12
12 Free Kicks Against 15
73 Interchanges 82

Player Statistics

Match Awards: 🔥: Highest AFL Fantasy Score🥇: Highest Disposals🏅: Most Goals⭐: Highest Metric👎: Most Turnovers/Free-kick Against🤡: Most Clangars

Midfield - General Play

Legend: MG: Meters GainedK: KickH: HandballD: DisposalM: MarkT: TackleHO: Hit OutG: GoalB: BehindAF: AFL Fantasy Score
Player                              # Match Awards MG K H D M T HO G B AF
West Coast Eagles
Tim Kelly #11 ⭐👎🤡 517m 16 7 23 2 3 0 0 0 81
Dom Sheed #4 🥇⭐⭐👎🤡 378m 11 13 24 2 2 0 2 1 81
Elliot Yeo #6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐🤡 275m 12 8 20 3 5 0 0 0 79
Luke Shuey #13 ⭐⭐⭐ 442m 16 7 23 2 1 0 0 0 70
Andrew Gaff #3 ⭐👎🤡 290m 8 6 14 2 3 0 0 0 48
Brayden Ainsworth #33 👎 67m 5 1 6 4 0 0 0 0 23
Geelong Cats
Mitch Duncan #22 🔥⭐⭐⭐ 385m 14 7 21 11 3 0 1 0 107
Cameron Guthrie #29 42m 14 9 23 6 3 0 0 0 89
Sam Menegola #27 381m 11 8 19 6 2 0 1 0 81
Patrick Dangerfield #35 ⭐⭐⭐👎👎🤡 568m 14 4 18 3 4 0 1 1 78
Charlie Constable #18 👎🤡 104m 5 11 16 4 3 0 0 0 56
Brandan Parfitt #3 191m 8 7 15 0 1 0 1 0 49
Sam Simpson #37 119m 6 5 11 2 2 0 1 1 49
Brad Close #45 2m 3 8 11 2 2 0 0 0 39
Lachie Fogarty #13 47m 3 2 5 3 2 0 0 0 27

Midfield - Extended

Legend: 1%: One PercenterCP: Contested PossessionUP: Uncontested PossessionCM: Contested MarkM50: Marks Inside 50CLR: Total ClearanceCC: Centre ClearanceST: Stoppage ClearanceI: InterceptI50: Inside 50R50: Rebound 50TI50: Tackles Inside 50
Player                              # 1% CP UP CM M50 CLR CC ST I I50 R50 TI50
West Coast Eagles
Tim Kelly #11 0 8 15 0 0 5 1 4 2 5 3 2
Dom Sheed #4 5 15 9 0 1 6 1 5 5 4 1 0
Elliot Yeo #6 3 15 7 1 0 7 1 6 1 4 0 0
Luke Shuey #13 2 6 16 0 0 4 3 1 2 6 4 0
Andrew Gaff #3 0 4 9 0 0 1 0 1 1 7 0 0
Brayden Ainsworth #33 2 3 4 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0
Geelong Cats
Mitch Duncan #22 0 7 15 1 1 4 2 2 0 3 1 0
Cameron Guthrie #29 0 9 13 1 0 5 1 4 0 1 2 1
Sam Menegola #27 0 7 12 0 1 3 1 2 3 5 1 0
Patrick Dangerfield #35 1 11 7 1 1 7 2 5 2 6 2 1
Charlie Constable #18 1 9 8 0 0 3 2 1 0 0 1 1
Brandan Parfitt #3 1 6 9 0 0 3 2 1 2 2 0 0
Sam Simpson #37 0 5 6 0 1 2 0 2 0 0 0 1
Brad Close #45 0 3 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
Lachie Fogarty #13 0 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 2

Midfield - Around the Ground

Legend: DE%: Disposal EfficiencyTO: TurnoverCLG: ClangarFF: Free-kick ForFA: Free-kick AgainstBO: BounceSAG: Shot At GoalSE: Shot EfficiencySI: Score InvolvementGA: Goal AssistG%: Goal EfficiencyTG: Time On Ground
Player                              # DE% TO CLG FF FA BO SAG SE SI GA G% TG%
West Coast Eagles
Tim Kelly #11 60 6 4 1 0 0 1 0 4 2 0 88
Dom Sheed #4 58 3 4 1 2 1 3 0 6 0 66 83
Elliot Yeo #6 50 1 4 1 1 0 0 0 5 0 0 79
Luke Shuey #13 73 3 2 1 1 3 0 0 7 2 0 76
Andrew Gaff #3 85 5 4 0 2 0 0 0 3 1 0 100
Brayden Ainsworth #33 83 2 3 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 82
Geelong Cats
Mitch Duncan #22 90 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 8 2 100 82
Cameron Guthrie #29 73 4 3 2 1 0 0 0 5 1 0 76
Sam Menegola #27 84 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 5 0 100 87
Patrick Dangerfield #35 77 6 4 2 2 0 2 0 7 0 50 80
Charlie Constable #18 68 1 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 51
Brandan Parfitt #3 46 3 3 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 100 68
Sam Simpson #37 63 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 4 1 50 71
Brad Close #45 81 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 75
Lachie Fogarty #13 100 2 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 77

Ruck - General Play

Legend: MG: Meters GainedK: KickH: HandballD: DisposalM: MarkT: TackleHO: Hit OutG: GoalB: BehindAF: AFL Fantasy Score
Player                              # Match Awards MG K H D M T HO G B AF
West Coast Eagles
Nic Naitanui #9 ⭐⭐⭐ 270m 6 3 9 0 3 34 0 0 68
Oscar Allen #12 ⭐⭐ 81m 4 5 9 1 5 3 0 1 50
Geelong Cats

Ruck - Extended

Legend: 1%: One PercenterCP: Contested PossessionUP: Uncontested PossessionCM: Contested MarkM50: Marks Inside 50CLR: Total ClearanceCC: Centre ClearanceST: Stoppage ClearanceI: InterceptI50: Inside 50R50: Rebound 50TI50: Tackles Inside 50
Player                              # 1% CP UP CM M50 CLR CC ST I I50 R50 TI50
West Coast Eagles
Nic Naitanui #9 5 8 3 0 0 4 3 1 2 7 1 2
Oscar Allen #12 2 3 6 0 0 1 0 1 2 0 1 3
Geelong Cats

Ruck - Around the Ground

Legend: DE%: Disposal EfficiencyTO: TurnoverCLG: ClangarFF: Free-kick ForFA: Free-kick AgainstBO: BounceSAG: Shot At GoalSE: Shot EfficiencySI: Score InvolvementGA: Goal AssistG%: Goal EfficiencyTG: Time On Ground
Player                              # DE% TO CLG FF FA BO SAG SE SI GA G% TG%
West Coast Eagles
Nic Naitanui #9 66 2 2 1 1 0 1 0 6 1 0 72
Oscar Allen #12 66 2 1 1 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 83
Geelong Cats

Forward - General Play

Legend: MG: Meters GainedK: KickH: HandballD: DisposalM: MarkT: TackleHO: Hit OutG: GoalB: BehindAF: AFL Fantasy Score
Player                              # Match Awards MG K H D M T HO G B AF
West Coast Eagles
Jamie Cripps #15 300m 8 5 13 5 4 0 1 0 72
Jack Darling #27 186m 8 3 11 3 2 2 2 1 63
Josh J. Kennedy #17 🏅⭐⭐⭐ 66m 6 1 7 4 0 0 4 0 56
Liam Ryan #1 🤡 206m 9 2 11 2 3 0 1 3 55
Jake Waterman #2 257m 7 4 11 2 2 0 0 0 44
Brendon Ah Chee #41 15m 1 5 6 1 2 0 1 0 30
Jarrod Cameron #39 107m 3 1 4 2 1 0 0 0 18
Geelong Cats
Esava Ratugolea #17 177m 8 3 11 4 3 9 0 1 62
Gryan Miers #32 265m 10 2 12 6 0 0 1 0 57
Sam Simpson #37 119m 6 5 11 2 2 0 1 1 49
Tom Hawkins #26 127m 4 4 8 2 1 0 2 0 39
Brad Close #45 2m 3 8 11 2 2 0 0 0 39
Gary Rohan #23 113m 3 0 3 2 1 0 0 1 17

Forward - Extended

Legend: 1%: One PercenterCP: Contested PossessionUP: Uncontested PossessionCM: Contested MarkM50: Marks Inside 50CLR: Total ClearanceCC: Centre ClearanceST: Stoppage ClearanceI: InterceptI50: Inside 50R50: Rebound 50TI50: Tackles Inside 50
Player                              # 1% CP UP CM M50 CLR CC ST I I50 R50 TI50
West Coast Eagles
Jamie Cripps #15 0 4 9 0 2 1 0 1 1 4 1 1
Jack Darling #27 4 6 5 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Josh J. Kennedy #17 3 5 2 3 3 1 0 1 0 0 0 0
Liam Ryan #1 1 4 7 1 2 0 0 0 1 2 0 1
Jake Waterman #2 0 4 7 0 0 1 1 0 4 0 2 0
Brendon Ah Chee #41 0 2 4 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Jarrod Cameron #39 1 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1
Geelong Cats
Esava Ratugolea #17 0 7 5 2 2 2 2 0 0 2 0 2
Gryan Miers #32 0 1 11 0 0 1 0 1 0 3 1 0
Sam Simpson #37 0 5 6 0 1 2 0 2 0 0 0 1
Tom Hawkins #26 1 7 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Brad Close #45 0 3 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
Gary Rohan #23 0 3 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0

Forward - Around the Ground

Legend: DE%: Disposal EfficiencyTO: TurnoverCLG: ClangarFF: Free-kick ForFA: Free-kick AgainstBO: BounceSAG: Shot At GoalSE: Shot EfficiencySI: Score InvolvementGA: Goal AssistG%: Goal EfficiencyTG: Time On Ground
Player                              # DE% TO CLG FF FA BO SAG SE SI GA G% TG%
West Coast Eagles
Jamie Cripps #15 61 2 1 1 0 0 2 0 5 1 50 94
Jack Darling #27 72 2 1 1 0 0 3 0 4 0 66 94
Josh J. Kennedy #17 71 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 5 0 80 93
Liam Ryan #1 36 3 4 0 1 0 4 0 5 0 25 93
Jake Waterman #2 81 2 3 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 72
Brendon Ah Chee #41 100 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 100 74
Jarrod Cameron #39 25 3 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 63
Geelong Cats
Esava Ratugolea #17 36 4 3 1 1 0 1 0 3 0 0 85
Gryan Miers #32 75 0 2 2 1 0 1 0 5 1 100 92
Sam Simpson #37 63 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 4 1 50 71
Tom Hawkins #26 62 3 2 0 1 0 2 0 4 1 100 98
Brad Close #45 81 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 75
Gary Rohan #23 66 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 0 79

Defence - General Play

Legend: MG: Meters GainedK: KickH: HandballD: DisposalM: MarkT: TackleHO: Hit OutG: GoalB: BehindAF: AFL Fantasy Score
Player                              # Match Awards MG K H D M T HO G B AF
West Coast Eagles
Liam Duggan #14 326m 14 3 17 5 3 0 0 0 74
Brad Sheppard #5 219m 9 1 10 4 3 0 0 0 54
Shannon Hurn #25 86m 8 4 12 6 1 0 0 0 54
Tom Cole #28 31m 5 4 9 4 1 0 0 0 41
Tom Barrass #37 163m 6 1 7 3 1 0 0 0 34
Jackson Nelson #30 -2m 2 6 8 0 1 0 0 0 22
Harry Edwards #42 66m 2 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 8
Geelong Cats
Tom Stewart #44 ⭐⭐⭐ 489m 17 5 22 10 2 0 0 0 99
Zach Tuohy #2 406m 14 4 18 5 1 0 2 0 83
Mark Blicavs #46 62m 6 4 10 3 5 16 0 0 68
Harry Taylor #7 156m 9 3 12 7 1 0 0 0 58
Lachie Henderson #25 308m 10 3 13 4 2 0 0 0 57
Jack Henry #38 123m 6 1 7 5 3 0 0 0 44
Jake Kolodjashnij #8 73m 5 2 7 5 3 0 0 0 43
Mark O'Connor #42 37m 8 2 10 5 0 0 0 0 40
Jed Bews #24 210m 5 3 8 0 0 0 0 0 18

Defence - Extended

Legend: 1%: One PercenterCP: Contested PossessionUP: Uncontested PossessionCM: Contested MarkM50: Marks Inside 50CLR: Total ClearanceCC: Centre ClearanceST: Stoppage ClearanceI: InterceptI50: Inside 50R50: Rebound 50TI50: Tackles Inside 50
Player                              # 1% CP UP CM M50 CLR CC ST I I50 R50 TI50
West Coast Eagles
Liam Duggan #14 4 6 9 0 0 1 0 1 8 2 4 0
Brad Sheppard #5 6 2 8 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 4 0
Shannon Hurn #25 1 4 6 2 0 0 0 0 6 1 1 0
Tom Cole #28 2 5 5 0 0 0 0 0 6 1 1 0
Tom Barrass #37 5 3 4 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 4 0
Jackson Nelson #30 1 3 3 0 0 2 0 2 2 0 0 0
Harry Edwards #42 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 0
Geelong Cats
Tom Stewart #44 3 10 9 2 0 1 1 0 11 2 7 0
Zach Tuohy #2 0 4 14 0 0 1 0 1 1 5 2 0
Mark Blicavs #46 1 3 7 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0
Harry Taylor #7 6 3 11 0 0 0 0 0 6 1 1 0
Lachie Henderson #25 3 3 7 1 0 0 0 0 7 2 4 0
Jack Henry #38 6 4 5 0 1 0 0 0 6 0 3 1
Jake Kolodjashnij #8 11 1 6 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
Mark O'Connor #42 2 2 8 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3 0
Jed Bews #24 2 2 5 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 2 0

Defence - Around the Ground

Legend: DE%: Disposal EfficiencyTO: TurnoverCLG: ClangarFF: Free-kick ForFA: Free-kick AgainstBO: BounceSAG: Shot At GoalSE: Shot EfficiencySI: Score InvolvementGA: Goal AssistG%: Goal EfficiencyTG: Time On Ground
Player                              # DE% TO CLG FF FA BO SAG SE SI GA G% TG%
West Coast Eagles
Liam Duggan #14 76 5 2 2 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 88
Brad Sheppard #5 60 4 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 99
Shannon Hurn #25 83 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 76
Tom Cole #28 100 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 89
Tom Barrass #37 100 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 95
Jackson Nelson #30 87 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 82
Harry Edwards #42 33 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 26
Geelong Cats
Tom Stewart #44 86 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 86
Zach Tuohy #2 66 4 3 2 0 0 2 0 6 0 100 89
Mark Blicavs #46 80 2 3 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 90
Harry Taylor #7 66 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 86
Lachie Henderson #25 76 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 84
Jack Henry #38 100 3 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 71
Jake Kolodjashnij #8 57 2 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 95
Mark O'Connor #42 80 2 1 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 87
Jed Bews #24 87 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 91
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2020.07.31 10:27 MarcoHanYT Match Thread: Round 9 - Geelong Cats vs West Coast Eagles

B Jake Kolodjashnij Mark Blicavs Mark O'Connor
HB Jack Henry Harry Taylor Tom Stewart
C Lachie Fogarty Patrick Dangerfield Sam Menegola
HF Mitch Duncan Tom Hawkins Gryan Miers
F Sam Simpson Gary Rohan Brad Close
Foll Esava Ratugolea Cameron Guthrie Brandan Parfitt
I/C Jed Bews Lachie Henderson Charlie Constable
I/C Zach Tuohy
Emerg James Parsons Nathan Kreuger Zach Guthrie
In: No Changes
Out: No Changes.
Venue: Optus Stadium
Date/Time: Saturday, 1st of August at 8:10pm
Viewing: Live matches are shown on Seven and Fox Footy during the AFL Season
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2020.07.31 05:28 -screamin- [SPOILERS FOR ALL S01] In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E10 "The White Violin"

S01E01 - We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals breakdown
S01E02 - Run Boy Run breakdown
S01E03 - Extra Ordinary breakdown
S01E04 - Man on the Moon breakdown
S01E05 - Number Five breakdown
S01E06 - The Day That Wasn't breakdown
S01E07 - The Day That Was breakdown
S01E08 - I Heard A Rumour breakdown
S01E09 - Changes breakdown
Hello, I'm back with my last analysis for S01! (Sorry about the delay!) Unmarked spoilers for all of S01 follow, so last chance to back out. Please, no untagged spoilers for the comics if you have read them - I would like to read them after the show has run its course. Also, now that we're getting more S02 information, please spoiler tag S02 stuff as well if you are posting about it below.
Spoiler markings are done like this:
typing >!spoiler text!< becomes spoiler text
Anything between those two markings gets changed to a black redacted block. However, you can still see what's under that if you want, by clicking the black block.
Once again, I'm posting this for discussion, so if you have any insights, corrections, comments, feedback, etc. please post it below!
Thanks for taking part!
  • Title meta: a reference to the violin that Vanya bleaches white in the season's climax. Also, from what little I know of the comics, a title for Vanya herself or this out-of-control persona? That's really fucking badass. Anyway, this episode is essentially Vanya's rampage. She's ceded all control to her increasingly intense feelings, and the sound around her, if that makes any sense, and you see this best when she's lost in her performance at the Icarus Theatre. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
  • A younger RH strides into shot as the byline "Long ago..." appears at the bottom of the screen. He looks even more Victorian than he usually does, but the room itself is decorated quite strangely, and I can't place the time period.
  • The implication is that the lady is very sick and close to death, and also romantically involved with "Reggie". (Did not think "Reggie" had it in him when I watched this episode for the first time, by the abysmal way he treated the kids.) Also, she apparently plays the violin. "Find someone who will love it as much as I have."
  • This is such a confusing scene. It looks like the crops outside are withering, and you see multiple modern-looking rockets taking off into the atmosphere, as RH empties a... lantern of some kind? With like fireflies inside? What the fuck. It seems to be another apocalypse, except different to the ones experienced by Five and the rest of the siblings. This one seems to have started off slow and become un-ignorable. I am having serious doubts that this scene is even in the same timeline or universe as the rest of the show. Maybe RH is from an alternate universe/timeline, since the two have British accents? Also, I've seen this actress before, in another show/movie, but I can't place her...
  • And now we appear to be at the beginning of century, boarding a boat. How the fuck did we go from rockets to here? I feel like RH is in the show's past now, out of wherever he was before.
  • There's a quick shot of the ship's log book, the stamp contains the number 1928. This could be the year, but if you also look at the log book underneath, there's a column of months, with the title being 1880. Could be an old page in the log book. The clothing on the other people in the scene, as well as the motor car we see later also suggest 1920s. But RH looks like he's dressed for the 1880s, his clothes seem like an older style in comparison to the "newsies" look the other men in this scene have.
  • I wonder if Hargreeves is his actual surname. He pronounces it slightly hoarsely.
  • By the way, RH looks fucking 40 here. You're telling me that he's like 150 years old in 2019???? He looked like he was 70 something!! How the fuck?? (I digress, but Colm Feore was an awesome choice of actor for this role. He has a similar feel to Patrick Stewart, in that yes, he's gone bald early, but besides that, he still looks the same as he did when he was younger. Dude is over 60, I can't believe that he even looks twenty years younger here with the addition of some hair and improved posture, and how much older than his actual age they've made him look during this season. I have been made aware that (S02 trailer spoilers) the gang are probably going to encounter a younger RH in the past; he's going to be pretty easy to de-age with makeup/CGI.)
  • With the (pretty good - better than Hopper's American) British-sounding accent Feore's affecting, I want to say RH is travelling by ship from England to the U.S.A. If he's really been around since the 1920s, from a timeline/universe with different technological advancements, it could explain how he managed to set up such a successful company by 2019. Everything is more likely to end up in your favour when you have more time and knowledge than everyone else.
  • So this whole bit where RH puts his monocle in and sees the umbrella place... dude's body language screams "tourist". I was concerned for a moment the first time I watched this that he wouldn't be able to actually open the umbrella, he looks like he's opening one for the first goddamn time in his life. It's like he's recognised the picture of the umbrella as being important for some reason. Wondering if there's more to that monocle than meets the eye (I couldn't resist the pun, okay?). Maybe it's like Google Glass or something? He pops the monocle in, and suddenly he's more purposeful and goal-oriented instead of looking around in a sightseeing kind of way. Now that I think about it, it's interesting how Pogo and RH put the monocle at the centre of the "murder", since the plan seems to have been for Grace, glitching and confused, to have been framed for it. It's a shame Diego didn't use the monocle before chucking it in the river... maybe RH did leave a message of sorts behind after his death?
  • I digress, but monocles look hard to use. You'd have to squint like a cowboy to 'grip' the monocle over your eye. Glasses seem so much lower effort.
  • And back to the present day, where Vanya has finally lost it. I like the pan over the broken glass in the chamber window. She won't be behind that window ever again.
  • There's the sound of wind (the subtitles even helpfully point it out) but Vanya's hair is still. She seems to have greater focus of her power in this state, but the hallucinations show that she's lost in her memories and feelings.
  • Lol, this shot with the three Vanyas at different ages - Ellen Page is amazing but she's also ridiculously fuckin' short, to the point where Vanya's teenage actress is actually a little taller than her. (Teen!Vanya is slightly bigger than Five (S01E02) and adult!Vanya is about the same size as (if not shorter than) Five (S01E01, E02)). So, the shot is in forced perspective, with the younger girls slightly behind the adult Vanya.
  • Anyway, this little bit underscores that Vanya in this state is exacting punishment for her treatment as a child. This new Vanya has more in common with the little powered girl who killed her nannies because she wasn't happy about eating her porridge. Feelings first, morality later; a regression.
  • There's a sadness but also a finality about Vanya as she hallucinates her younger brothers and sister rejecting, excluding and isolating her. She's had enough and they are never ignoring or underestimating her again. If she can't join them, she's going to beat them.
  • I've said this before elsewhere - Vanya's hallucination of younger Ben speaking to her means that every character in the family (even Grace!) has spoken to her in some fashion at some point this season, except Klaus. He and Vanya literally do not speak a single word to each other this season. Even Ben manages to do that, and he's dead! They better fix that right smart next season.
  • Also, note the bottle of booze on the table in front of younger Klaus.
  • Vanya hallucinates younger Luther and younger Allison about to kiss, before they see her and throw themselves away from each other and rush to shoo her away. So the implication is that both Luther and Allison are aware at this age that a romantic relationship between the two of them is taboo, no matter how adopted they might be...
  • This unblinking glassy stare that Vanya's got going on is pretty fucking creepy. Made even worse by the bluish-silver glowing irises. And the absence of visible emotion as she wreaks havoc.
  • Ben manages to pull Diego out of harm's way - he also saves Klaus himself, because he's holding on to Diego's back. That's two fully-grown men he's moved. How much of this is Klaus and how much is Ben?
  • Here's RH and the Academy taking a family photo in front of Vanya, with RH acknowledging that he didn't actually forget her, and ordering her not to be part of the photo. That's incredibly harsh. I've been pointing out in previous breakdowns that in comparison to the Umbrella Academy, there is almost no evidence that Vanya grew up with them, or even just a photographic record of her childhood - there's only the faded photo of Vanya as a child on the front cover of her book, and the surveillance footage in S01E02, that's all. Compare that to the oodles of Umbrella Academy posters and memorabilia around the Academy, as well as the multiple portraits of the Umbrella Academy kids with RH. I think that the photo of Vanya taken for the back cover of her book was only the second photo anyone had ever taken of her (goes some way to explaining why she is so nervous for the sitting in S01E03, and why Allison is walking around showing folks in S01E08 the dustcover for the book, instead of y'know, an actual photo of your goddamn sister), the flyer for the chamber orchestra concert (S01E07) being the third. You get the feeling that one of the reasons Vanya wrote her memoir in the first place was to prove that she actually existed as a child.
  • Compare Vanya's body language now to her body language prior to this point, they're so far removed from each other. Look at the tilt of her chin as she looks down at Pogo. She's utterly confident in her power, there's nothing it can't do when you're no longer trying to avoid hurting or killing people.
  • Vanya momentarily snaps out of it for a second, and her eyes are suddenly teary. Once Pogo admits his role in her abuse, the unshed tears disappear and the stark irises return. It's almost like this version of Vanya is a protective mechanism.
  • You can tell Pogo knows what's coming. And he tells the whole truth for once. Vanya doesn't immediately return to her destructive alter ego - she nods almost appreciatively, like a parent listening to their child coming clean.
  • "Did you know?" These are the last words Vanya speaks for the rest of the episode and the season; she never speaks while in her altered state. In this way, she becomes similar to Allison with her damaged vocal cords. Bechdel probably has a headache about now.
  • Vanya impaling Pogo with just a flick of her head, using the sound of his own heartbeat. It's basically the opposite of that little scene in S01E07 where Vanya tries to move a boat on the lake, all the while snarking at a frustrated Leonard, and only succeeds in giving herself the giggles. Pogo's death is very reminiscent of Leonard's as well.
  • Diego hugs Klaus for saving his life; irking Ben, but Diego can't see ghosts, it's a reasonable response. But he catches sight of Grace waving and blowing a kiss from an upper window as the Academy begins to collapse under Vanya's onslaught. Oh shit, she's fucked.
  • The pan down of the crumbling Academy front reminds me of the shot of Vanya arriving at the Academy and looking up at it in S01E01, except the two shots are opposites.
  • Check out the moon framed by the collapsed Academy in the background. That moon is only just rising, it's apparently still early in the evening on Friday. But isn't the apocalypse supposed to be on the 1st of April? More on this in a tick.
  • Diego's stutter returns again, just as it did after he deactivated Grace in S01E03. Jesus Christ, that hurts.
  • And Five reappears after his absence throughout Vanya's incarceration, with the newspaper he remembers from the day of the apocalypse, convinced that nothing has changed and the apocalypse is still on.
  • Right, this is where I'm a little iffy about the timeline, and whether S01E09 and S01E10 take place on the same day. If this is Saturday 1st April's paper, it must be early on Saturday morning for it to be dark and Five to have even got his hands on it. (Diego says, "The time could've been altered since that newspaper came out this morning. And Five doesn't correct him, because it's today's paper, Friday's.) And the apocalypse happens during Vanya's concert, which is in the evening. But we know that Vanya freed herself just as dusk hit on Friday, and destroyed the Academy in short order; by this measure, it should still be pretty early on Friday night. Also, if they're regrouping at the Super Star bowling alley early Saturday morning, it ain't gonna be open for kids' birthday parties at that time. Are we saying they waited for the place to open for the morning and then, what, had brunch and played a couple of games before getting down to the business of stopping the apocalypse? Similarly, are we saying that Vanya, who's gone around the twist, killed a bunch of people and brought down the Academy in a fit of rage, is, what, suddenly gonna tuck herself into bed with some hot milk and lie low for at least half a day until that evening's concert? There is nothing in this episode to suggest that there is daylight before the apocalypse. By Five's count, there are eight days to stop the apocalypse when he lands in 2019 and since it's explicitly stated in the show by Vanya herself that Five arrives on the 24th March, in S01E01, eight days from then should be the 1st April, right? But the way events fall this episode, the world seems to end on the evening of the 31st, which is a Friday, only a week from Five's arrival. This would also mean that the chamber orchestra concert premieres on the Friday night, which explains Vanya's comment to Leonard in S01E08 that she has to practice because her concert is the next day. Maybe the world ends a day earlier than Five expects because of his interference in the timeline... but then why would he recognise the newspaper? It'd be the one from the day before the apocalypse in the timeline he saw. I'm so confused.
  • "But here we are, the Moon's still shining, the Earth's still in one piece." So the Moon was also damaged in Five's bad future.
  • Hazel and Cha-Cha look like they've been forced to attend couple's counselling.
  • Check out all the takeout on the coffee table. The Handler isn't on her liquid diet anymore, lol.
  • Oh man, Barracuda by Heart kicks in as the Handler drives home that Hazel and Cha-Cha must do as she says or die. Or die doing what she says. Such a badass song.
  • Aaaaand here's Vanya looking fucking incredible in her concert tails. She seems to have gone home to her apartment, changed, picked up her violin, and headed straight for the concert. No lying low waiting for Saturday evident.
  • Lol at power-drunk!Vanya still deigning to switch off the lights and lock her apartment door.
  • Vanya uses the sound of the angry driver's horn to blow his car down the street. It's like Vanya using the sound of the truck engine in S01E07 to stop the thugs beating Leonard to a pulp, and little Vanya using the whistling kettle to toss her nannies around like dry leaves.
  • Fuck, that driver is either dead or pretty badly injured. Add it to Vanya's list of infractions.
  • So the Superstar is a bowling alley. Definitely gives off Griddy's vibes in that they likely frequented this place as kids, otherwise they wouldn't all have known to come here (especially Five since he left when he was thirteen and doesn't know the modern layout of the city, as per him asking for directions to Delores' department store in S01E01).
  • I love seeing all of them together like this, even if Vanya is missing. Look how much more comfortable they are with each other in comparison to a week ago, sitting in the Academy living room in S01E01. Then again, it could be because they're in a different environment, one they probably used to have fun in.
  • Luther saying they might have no choice but to do whatever it takes to stop Vanya is the opposite of what he was telling Pogo at the kitchen table after his bender when he found out RH killed himself and made it look like a murder mystery (S01E08) - "You always have choice." Underlined by Klaus and Diego instantly disagreeing and saying that there's always a choice.
  • Haha, Five's got bowling shoes on. Iconic look with the Academy uniform. Klaus being a fashion trailblazer makes them look effortlessly cool. (Tbf Robert Sheehan has this superpower too. He could make a bin liner look glamorous.)
  • "You know, I liked you a lot better before you got laid-" What the fuck is Allison's sulky reaction to Luther here?? Put aside the fact that THEY ARE SIBLINGS and they refer to each other as such - they are adults who are not dating each other! It's not like Allison hasn't gotten laid herself?? God, this is such a toxic response. And Klaus automatically feeling like he has to walk it back and excuse Luther for making his own decisions...
  • Here's this lady again, asking if her son can play with Five! She's popped up in at least four different episodes now, I wonder if she'll be around next season. She seems to be a different character each time, it's giving me Stan Lee vibes.
  • "I would rather chew off my own foot." Haha, looks like Five isn't really ready to start his second childhood again. And Diego and Klaus apparently looking like they're married and Five is their kid. It's like that lady's words were constructed specifically to hit as many of Five's buttons as possible, lol.
  • So the lollies the Handler gave Five are revealed as trackers. Wonder if she had that particular flavour because she knew Five would want more. But more importantly, the Commission have known where Five is this whole time. Why did they not go for him earlier? Is it possible that there was a chance they could have stopped the apocalypse in this episode and that's why the Commission had to get involved at this particular point in the timeline? They are outside of time, they were able to take as long as they needed to build up again from Five's attack (as evidenced by the Handler being in action again and revealing later this episode that more time has passed for her than it has for Five).
  • I like how the Handler and Five are still mutually impressed by each other's plays (the concealed tracker, and getting Hazel and Cha-Cha to take each other out respectively).
  • Hazel wasn't born yesterday and he knows that the Handler's offer is too good to be true - since they are now being forced into making sure the apocalypse happens "at all costs", where is their escape rope if they are successful? Odds are the Handler is leaving them to be swallowed up in the destruction.
  • power-drunk!Vanya getting on a bus (she actually paid her fare! If she didn't have the weird eyes, you'd wouldn't guess she'd just killed a bunch of people and wiped the Academy block off the face of the planet!) to go to the Icarus Theatre. There's more to this, I think, than just "I don't have a car and I don't think my new powers let me fly, I need to get from A to B by a certain time, time to jump on some public transport." we've only seen Vanya use taxis or her own two feet to get places so far. I think this one might partially be explained in what little we see of Extraordinary, Vanya's memoir. From my S01E05 breakdown-
"One morning, I left the Academy [unreadable] the gills with clothes, snacks, and mementos [unreadable] behind, I think I even brought a dream catcher [unreadable] nightmares from home following me wherever I went [unreadable] it to a bus stop, and I sat there all day long - and strangely for the first time in my life it hit me that I was completely alone. I had thought I was alone my entire life, but this was something new and entirely different. I was afraid of what I didn't know, and I would choose Dad's torment over the endless dark that stretched down our street. Buses came, but I waved the kind drivers away. That night, I walked back through the double doors, and no-one knew I had ever left in the first place. I wonder how long it would have taken them to realise - the extra girl they never needed was absent. Would it have made a difference? To this day, I'm not sure. The next [unreadable] was when we all did. After what happened to Ben."
I think this is power-drunk!Vanya still buried in her memories, lost in the past. (In fact, next we see her going straight into another flashback after seeing a girl smile at her and her violin.) She's finally getting on that bus that she should have so long ago.
  • Watching teen!Vanya walk past camera into the Academy living room, I wonder if the uniform comes across as strange and creepy to people from other countries? I understand most American kids don't wear uniform to school. Aussie kids wear uniform like this in primary and secondary school, so it seems kind of normal, if a bit posh. The blazer looks really similar to my own old high school one so it just feels familiar to me...
  • Aha, the violin Reggie's love gave him, to give to "someone who'll love it as much as I have." It's funny that Vanya ends up with it (not without asking for it, mind), the way RH has treated her so far. And the little smile on his face as he listens to Vanya and Grace talking. This is like the second piece of evidence that RH might have some sort of actual honest-to-God love for his kids, the first being him asking after Luther in S01E07. Is this still the same violin she has now? I doubt she would be able to bring herself to stop using that. This is certainly a different carrycase though.
  • So did teen!Vanya teach herself the goddamn violin???? Well enough to end up a professional violinist and first chair in an orchestra???? And she doesn't think she's a fucking prodigy???? Those pills, the brainwashing, the isolation and the emotional abuse really did a number on her...
  • I like seeing Vanya confide in Grace like this... I guess she has noone else to talk to. I wonder if she has come up with her "Grace is just an extension of RH" theory (S01E03) at this point...
  • "Put your whole heart into it, and one day, you will be." Well, Vanya proceeds to do just that. Pity she blows up the Moon doing it.
  • Luther trying to explain himself (ugh) to Allison. Check out the surprise on mute!Allison's face when Luther mentions that RH sent him to the moon for nothing. In this timeline, it was Klaus, not Allison, that found him breaking down after learning this information.
  • This phone booth conversation would be so sweet IF THEY WEREN'T SIBLINGS. Luther is literally identifying herself as Uncle to Claire... Also, the extremely thinly veiled implication is that Luther is basically telling Claire what he wants to tell Allison.
  • It's heartbreaking that Allison has to try and convey to her child how much she loves her and wishes she could be with her, through a proxy, when she knows the world is ending tonight and she won't be with her if it happens. For Allison, having the world end for her daughter is nigh unthinkable... which makes it even more amazing that she doesn't go along with the whole "if it means Vanya dies and the world is saved, that's fine" idea that Luther (and Five) floated earlier. Remember her tiff with Vanya in S01E02? "Like when you're apart from her, you can't breathe? Like you would- you would die, and I mean actually... die, to know that she's okay and happy?"
  • Sounds like Cha-Cha's channeling the Awkward Exposition Fairy when she's announcing that Vanya is Getting Off The Bus And We Have To Go After Her. But then it becomes apparent that she's saying this because Hazel isn't doing anything - because he's waiting till Cha-Cha removes her seatbelt before crashing the car.
  • Fuck, Cha-Cha should have died after that ejection and concrete impact at speed. Also, she still has her handcuff on. Hazel should also have some killer whiplash...
  • Also, Hazel's not pulling any punches now that Agnes is at risk. He couldn't kill Cha-Cha before, remember.
  • "The concert starts in 30 minutes." How do you knowwww??? The flyer in the paper (identical to the flyer on the fridge in S01E07 that Diego sees) doesn't mention a date, let alone a time!! Diego does the same thing earlier - "That's right, her concert is tonight." Maybe the date was left off to not allow viewers to become suspicious early that the apocalypse seemed to coincide with the concert and put together that they were gonna happen at the same time because Vanya was the cause? I mean, I started considering that Vanya might be Little Miss Apocalypse once she showed that her power haze could stretch halfway across the city, from Leonard's place to the Academy (S01E05), and then killed two guys in self-defence with her power (S01E07)... it seemed pretty obvious...
  • Check out the timepieces built into those almost steampunkish uniforms. Totally Commission crack troops. Too bad they can be taken out with birthday cake. (Yum, cake.)
  • The song playing during the shootout (which starts playing for real in the scene because the jukebox gets hit! I love that kind of thing!) is "Saturday Night" by the Bay City Rollers. This just adds even more confusion to the whole 'is it Friday or Saturday??' conversation...
  • So the Handler drew Five away from the Super Star... to kill his family and spare him to still possibly stop Vanya?? Does she still have some weird soft spot for him? Or is she worried that if he's there he'll pull another Griddy's shootout (S01E01)? Five does say later that "we're screwed" in response to the goons - not even he knows how to fight them all.
  • Lol, did absolutely noone see the crazy eyes on Vanya before letting her on stage to play? "All my intuition is telling me you're not in your right mind, but hell, it's opening night, we need a first chair, so get up there! Love the glowing contacts, by the way!" Maybe she mesmerised them like she did the conductor and sponsors in S01E05.
  • This theme is so beautiful with a full orchestra. I recall hearing that the other players are all students of a Toronto music school nearby or something, it's only Page who is (admittedly doing a bang-up job) faking it. They've also shot and edited it really well with a very-similar-looking violinist double.
  • Is this violin RH's violin? Perhaps it's differently built to other violins... could it be enhancing Vanya's power? I dunno.
  • Luther's mistake here was not being upfront with Allison - he should have just told her what he was doing and why. It's understandable that Luther is desperate to neutralise Vanya - not only has she hurt Allison, but she's brought down the Academy and killed Pogo and Grace, let alone the fact that Five's new scarily-plausible theory is that Vanya herself causes the apocalypse. Instead.. he used the girl he was so worried about... who was hurt by Vanya so badly... as a distraction for the human bomb he's trying to stop? Wha??
  • Anyway, Vanya starts swinging her bow around and letting off power blasts, one of which seems to force every single one of the other members of the orchestra to sit their butts right back down and keep playing like nothing's happened. Can I just say, there's an argument to be made for powers, instead of power, in Vanya's case? Yeah, she can channel sound and turn it into telekinetic energy, but there's also evidence that she has abnormally sharp hearing/sense of sound waves, being able to hear the cabin windchimes from deep in the woods. Add that to the apparent ability to influence people's thoughts with the sound of her violin, and even it goddamn raining when she uses her powers... Klaus also shows power development throughout the series, but it's all connected to his ability to channel ghosts. He goes from being able to talk to them, to manifesting them in the living world.
  • Hazel pings the Handler right in her forehead. No more shaky gun when Agnes is at risk. (I gotta say it, people have been known to survive gunshots to the forehead, because it's very bony and thick there. I'm not saying you wouldn't be sore or not have a lot of rehab ahead of you, but she's done it once before...)
  • Oh my god, the Handler put her suitcase in the (backlit!) vent just like Hazel did in S01E02.
  • The siblings (except Klaus, I think he's getting a kebab or something) get to see Vanya do the solo, and they all look pretty impressed. And the smile on Vanya's face when she sees Allison watching her proudly... would she have blown up had they just not done anything, just sat down and listened for once in their lives? (Regardless, I think that doing nothing on the siblings' part would have been too risky a bet to take.)
  • "Well, I almost lost you once, I wasn't about to lose you again." Yeaaaah, suuuuure, Luther. That's why you let Allison play distraction.
  • I don't think Vanya has killed anyone here yet. As in, the bystanders. The theatre patrons, the musicians. She doesn't even kill the Commission goons who start shooting up the theatre. So far, everyone she's killed/hurt has either attacked her or someone she cares about directly, or had some part to play in her shitty upbringing. Even Allison falls into this latter category.
  • Fight scene between Diego and Cha-Cha - the actors are definitely doing some of their own fight choreo. Nice.
  • I can't believe it's Ben that notices the gunfire in the Icarus Theatre. Klaus got his PTSD triggered just walking into a rave, but doesn't clock actual gunshots.
  • Klaus enters and starts channeling Ben. It seems he's made Ben tangible, and Ben is then able to affect the world around him, in this case, ripping a bunch of Commission goons into bits. It also seems that making the tentacles appear is painful for Ben in some way.
  • Aaaand Vanya bleaches her suit and her violin white as she absorbs more and more sound from it. Page here looks so confident with the violin; it definitely looks like she is playing, and playing well. (To the point where I'm wondering if they merged footage of her and her double playing??) And holy heck is she mind-meltingly hot in this white suit. (She was hot in the black tails too but this is like another level of hot. A-hem.)
  • Powered-up!Vanya doesn't blink in her close-ups.
  • Allison refuses to take part in the final confrontation, but then enters from behind Vanya with a gun once her four brothers are incapacitated. I guess she picked it up from one of the Commission goons? You can see the despair and indecision all over her face. A+ acting.
  • So Allison mercifully decides to deafen Vanya to neutralise her. Fuck, so why didn't they just get her to wear earplugs, stick some quality noise-cancelling headphones over the top, instead of locking her in the anechoic chamber? Dampen her powers enough to scribble on a pad and calmly explain what's going on at the kitchen table instead of shutting her in a place that triggers her childhood trauma and just leaving her there? I know she can still use her heartbeat, but she ended up using that anyway.
  • It's painful watching that amazing white violin clatter onto the floor.
  • The CGI when the moon is destroyed is FUCKING AMAZING. The CGI across this whole show is really good for TV, but this bit is movie-quality, in my opinion.
  • Klaus grabs his/Dave's dog tags when he realises the world is still fucked. And you can see the cogs turning in Five's head in the background, thinking about proposing time travel. Bet the Handler put that in his head a bit as well when she made her falsely-dichotomous offer to Five earlier this episode. "Unlike the rest of the world, you have a way out."
  • Also, Klaus grabbing Vanya's feet as Luther picks her up and they form a circle... my poor heart...
  • Five has been chasing the reason behind the apocalypse so long and with so much determination that he has had to give up almost every value he possessed along the way - except his family. He openly talks about killing multiple people, with precision and pragmatism, to ensure the apocalypse doesn't take place. So what happens when it turns out his own sister is the cause of the apocalypse? Even Allison tearfully contemplates shooting a psychotic, out-of-control Vanya. Not only does Five not take her out, he's the one that suggests "fixing" her by undoing the emotional damage that was done to her as a child. Despite his outward detachment, his family brings out the values he thinks he's lost, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see more of that next season.
  • So, the apocalypse happens at the Icarus Theatre. Named, I guess, for Daedalus's unfortunate boy who flew too close to the sun, which melted the wax holding his wings together, causing him to fall into the ocean and drown. An allusion that pertains to Vanya, first and foremost, having come here to prove that she's extraordinary like she promised so long ago in that bus flashback - but destroying her world in the process. But this could also refer to Five, who decides that he's brave enough to screw with time again, this time with multiple people along for the ride. I haven't seen the S02 trailer, or much of anything related to S02 at all, but I'm going to bet that things don't go so well in the process. Icarus could also refer to the other six siblings as a whole, for daring to think that they ever had a hope of stopping the apocalypse.
  • We get to see Chedder (moustache cop from Jackpine Cove in S01E08, reading a copy of the magazine Allison was looking at in S01E04!), Cha-Cha (trying to call the Handler but getting a dial tone), and Beeman's last moments (opening a package containing Hazel and Cha-Cha's guns - Diego had already decided to get Patch's killers lawfully before he saw Cha-Cha in the theatre) before they apparently disintegrate. I have a feeling this means that they will make an appearance in future episodes...
  • And the siblings are all de-aged as they prepare to go back in time. (I love how we go around the circle of adults before Five looks wildly around the circle like 'oh... fuck' and we realise they've all de-aged like him! Also teen!Luther holding teen!Vanya like a feather, just like his adult self did.) Are they going to grow up again? I doubt they're gonna give up their star adult actors for a bunch of kids. It could happen in a time skip, though.
Holy fuck, I'm done with about half an hour to spare. Sorry for the delay again, please leave comments/feedback/discussion below! Bring on S02!!
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2020.07.30 16:36 Soul_Man2004 Photographers

An editing base for David Bowie's photographers.
The original was removed by bots so I'm using my profile instead. Don't think I'll be able to put it anywhere else... made it for myself anyway, hmph.
Anyone coming into my profile to use this, feel free. It's unorganized as hell.
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2020.07.30 00:21 HonestMission An LGBTQ culture and media starter pack (not a question; LONG list of recommendations)

Hi! I've recently noticed that there has been several posts from gaybros who seem to feel really disconnected from and disengaged with the LGBTQ community. That's understandable, especially when these uncertain times mean that most people aren't in a good frame of mind or at their best.
Seeing that we're all socially distancing, and perhaps still under some form of lockdown, I thought that it would be a good idea to post a (warning: LONG) reading/watching/listening list, given that some of us have plenty of spare time on our hands. I hope that you enjoy discovering something new!
I love many items, and care a lot less for others, but I've tried to approach this objectively. Some music suggestions, btw, aren't by LGBTQ artists, but all of them have appealed varyingly to our community. I've also omitted the really obvious stuff, such as Brokeback Mountain, Madonna and Will & Grace etc.
Feel free to contribute and add your own favourites! A special thanks goes to my good friend, u/Manor4548, for getting the ball rolling with his excellent suggestions. Also, if our excellent mods feel that this post in inappropriate, I'm more than happy to remove it. Please take care and stay safe!
Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin (1956) - intelligent and thoughtful novel from a black gay writer, whose seminal work is currently more important than ever
Quatrefoil: A Modern Novel by James BarJames Fugaté (1950) - ground-breaking romance novel about two men who ultimately reach of point of self-confidence and acceptance
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel (2006) - lesbian-themed graphic memoir
Senses series by Andrew Grey (2012-2016) - frothy and sentimental yet endearing and engaging romance novels about disabled gay men
Outskirts: Living Life On The Edge by John Grindrod (2017) - part history of the green belt and part memoir of growing up in the British countryside as a gay youngster
Maurice by EM Forster (1971) - posthumously published novel, from the author of Howard's End, which was originally written between 1913 and 1914
The Swimming Pool Library (1988), The Spell (1998) and The Line Of Beauty (2004) by Alan Hollingworth - accomplished and boundary-pushing novelist who explores British gay socio-culture
Tigers & Devils series by Sean Kennedy (2009-2019) - idealistic yet thoroughly likeable romance novels about a charmingly misanthropic movie festival director and a kind yet closeted Australian footballer
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway (1926) - accidentally queer novel that concerns toxic masculinity; this Literary Hub article provides an excellent introduction to the unintentional queerness of Hemingway's work
Trans: A Memoir by Juliet Jacques (2015) - a British memoir about gender transition, with some thoughtful reflections on trans politics
Insignificant Others by Stephen McCauley (2010) - fun and smart "slice of life" novel about a 50-something gay man
Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston (2019) - playful teen romcom about a bisexual First Son who develops feelings for an English prince
The Last Romeo by Justin Myers (2018) - 30-something Bridget Jones-esque comedy of errors romance about a gay British web journalist who starts a dating blog
The Charioteer by Mary Renault (1953) - cerebral, moving and ultimately positive historical novel, set in a military hospital during World War II, which has prominent themes of repression and self-discovery
A Natural by Ross Raisin (2017) - subtle British novel about a closeted and introverted soccer player
Coming Out To Play by Robbie Rogers with Eric Marcus (2014) - if you love soccer and prefer non-fiction, however, then you might like this memoir from the first openly gay MLS player
Naked by David Sedaris (1997) - a collection of 40-something autobiographical essays from a gay humourist
Real Life by Brandon Taylor (2020) - gay-themed campus novel where a black doctoral student comes of age in a midwestern town
Out Of The Woods by Luke Turner (2019) - frank, intimate and sexually explicit British memoir that deals with bisexuality, religion, sexual abuse, outdoor sex, internalised homophobia and binary labels
Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu (2013-2020) - hilarious webcomic about an adorkable gay figure skater, who loves baking and joins his college's ice hockey team-cum-fraternity
Upside Down by NR Walker (2019) - Australian comedy romance involving two homoromantic asexuals
The Less Than Epic Adventures Of TJ & Amal by EK Weaver (2009-2014) - webcomic where a gay slacker comes out and goes on a road trip
Movies & TV
Banana Fish (2018) - anime TV series, based on a magna from the '80s, with a gay male co-protagonist
Beautiful Thing (1996) - idealistic yet 100% charming and pandemic-friendly coming out teen romance, which oozes summery cinematography in one of London's brutalist council estates; Jonathan Harvey later wrote the BBC sitcoms Gimme Gimme Gimme (1999-2001) and Beautiful People (2008-2009)
BPM (2017) - charismatic and moving French drama about HIV-AIDS activism in the early '90s
Bob & Rose (2001) - acclaimed yet short-lived British comedy-drama series, from the creator of Queer As Folk, about an openly gay male school teacher who starts a relationship with a woman
Boy Meets Girl (2015-2016) - realistic enough yet very slight BBC sitcom about a 26-year-old man who falls in love with a 40-year-old trans woman
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (2000) - likeable, peppy, relatable, upbeat and generally unproblematic "slice of life" movie, about a gay friendship group, from the director of the problematic and overrated Love, Simon; co-stars John Mahoney, Dean Cain and a young Zach Braff
Dead Poets Society (1989) and School Ties (1992) - deeply homoerotic prep school movies
Edge Of Seventeen (1998) - arguably the most realistic coming out movie ever made, although the emphasis is firmly on the "coming of age" side of things
End Of The Century (2019) - 30-something Argentine holiday romance, which is heavily inspired by Before Sunrise and set in Barcelona
Happy Endings (2011-2013) - underrated 20-something American sitcom, with a loveable co-protagonist that's undoubtedly a beacub
Gaycation (2016-2017) - global travel documentary series, co-presented by Ellen Page, which has an LGBTQ slant
Grandma's House (2010-2012) - naturalistic BBC sitcom about a gay son and his Jewish family
Jeffrey (1995) - subversive AIDS-themed romantic comedy which, despite an outstanding supporting performance from Patrick Stewart that really should have garnered an Oscar nomination, is flawed and an acquired taste
Latter Days (2003) and The Falls (2012) - ultra low-budget romantic dramas about gay Mormons, but ultimately more pandemic-friendly than the conversion therapy drama Boy Erased (2018)
Longtime Companion (1989) and The Normal Heart (2014) - emotional and touching dramas about the HIV-AIDS crisis in NYC; Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons' performances in the latter merit special praise
Love Is Strange (2014) - 60-something romantic drama about discrimination and family, starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina
Love, Valour, Compassion (1997) - melodramatic comedy-drama about a 40-something gay friendship group, although this one is a bitchier and snarkier watch than The Broken Hearts Club; features a star turn from Jason Alexander as a dying HIV-AIDS patient
Maurice (1987) - excellent period drama adaptation of EM Forster's novel; co-stars a young Hugh Grant
A Moment In The Reeds (2017) - romantic drama where a Finnish man bonds with a Syrian asylum seeker at a lakehouse
My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) - pioneering British comedy-drama that critiques racism and Thatcherism, among other things, with a prominent gay subplot; co-stars a young Daniel Day-Lewis
My Own Private Idaho (1991) - surreal road trip drama, partially based on Shakespeare's Henry IV and Henry V, about street hustlers; directed by Gus Van Sant, and starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix
Mysterious Skin (2004) - dark, difficult and uncompromising independent drama about the effect of historic sexual abuse on a gay teenage hustler; stars a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt
1985 (2018) - excellent monochrome drama about a closeted and dying man with HIV-AIDS, who is trying to come out to his conservative and suburban family at Christmas
Ocean Waves (1993) - underrated and accidentally queer TV movie from Studio Ghibli; if you don't mind spoilers, then this YouTube video comprehensively explains why Ocean Waves is accidentally queer
Open To Question: Justin Fashanu (1992) - Justin Fashanu, the first openly gay professional soccer player and first black player to command a £1m transfer fee, is interviewed on a Q&A programme for young people; it has been archived online by the BBC as an important historical document
Outland (2012) and Please Like Me (2013-2016) - two Australian comedy series; the former is about five members of an LGBTQ sci-fi club and the latter is about a newly out millennial slacker (which co-stars Pippa from Home & Away!)
Pain & Glory (2019) - Pedro Almodóvar's most recent and arguably most accomplished movie
Paris Is Burning (1990) - important long-form BIPOC/BAME documentary about NYC ballroom culture
Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert (1994) - inspired road trip comedy about three Australian drag queens
Queer Britain (2017) - excellent BBC youth documentary series about LGBTQ issues in Britain, with episodes dedicated to religion, body image, homelessness, racism, porn, and queer identity
Self-Portrait in 23 Rounds: A Chapter In David Wojnarowicz's Life, 1989-1991 (2018) and Keith Haring: Street Art Boy (2020) - long-form documentaries about two iconic gay artists, who died from HIV
Shelter (2007) - cute yet slight low-budget drama about gay self-discovery in the American suburbs
Sum Of Us (1994) - thoroughly affable Australian comedy-drama about a gay son and his accepting father; co-stars a young and pre-fame Russell Crowe
Tales Of The City series (1993, 1998, 2001, 2019) - TV adaptation of seminal gay novel and its sequels
A Taste of Honey (1961) - monochrome kitchen sink dramedy, with a gay male supporting character, which is set in Manchester
Tofu (2015) - short-form web documentary series, from the creator of Queer As Folk, which explores modern attitudes towards sex, with a heavy emphasis on the LGBTQ side of it
Trick (1999) - please take this idealistic overnight romance with a pinch of salt - even if it realistically tackles internalised homophobia in a way that Love, Simon never managed to do - but this superb dramedy is still one of the best and most pandemic-friendly gay movies
The Outs (2012-2013, 2016) - largely realistic and utterly charming web drama about gay adulting in NYC, with a peerless soundtrack; I low-key stan the loveable Jack and Scruffy
Verbotene Liebe (2007-2013) - surprisingly good supercouple plot from a German soap opera, involving a bisexual amateur boxer turned horse trainer, Christian, and his boyfriend/husband, Oliver
The Way He Looks (2014) - cute Brazilian teen romance about blindness and self-discovery
The Wedding Banquet (1993) - Oscar-nominated romantic comedy from China, directed by Ang Lee
Weekend (2011) - minimalist and naturalistic weekend romance, set in the outskirts of Nottingham
Wild Reeds (1994) - Cannes-nominated sexual awakening teen drama, set in early '60s France
Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos (1992) - a very strong introduction to eccentric yet loveable piano-led college pop-rock
Northern Star by Melanie C (1999) - British equivalent of Madonna's seminal Ray Of Light (1998)
Blue Bell Knoll (1988) and Heaven Or Las Vegas (1990) by Cocteau Twins - pioneering ambient dream-pop, which are perhaps the ideal albums for jerk-off sessions and physical intimacy
Doppelgänger by Curve (1992) - a gothic, melodramatic and moody fusion of shoegaze and industrial electronica; fans of Garbage will LOVE this album
No Angel by Dido (1999) - another album that's ideal for masturbation and sex
Disgraceful by Dubstar (1995) - slightly out of time, albeit still excellent, synth-pop from the mid '90s
Chorus by Erasure (1991) - analogue-based synth-pop; will interest those into video game soundtracks, given that it practically sounds like music from Amiga titles at various points
Amplified Heart by Everything But The Girl (1994) - eloquent fusion of acoustic folk-pop and electronica; Tracey Thorn's Record (2018) further consolidated her appeal to the LGBTQ community
Sue (1989) and Ray (1991) by Frazier Chorus - arty and gentle woodwind-based synth-pop that also has the bitchiest and most subversive lyrics imaginable
Chemistry by Girls Aloud (2005) and Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen (2015) - bubblegum pop artists that throw curveballs by unexpectedly moving into indie-baiting dance-pop territory
Black Cherry by Goldfrapp (2003), State Of Mind by Holly Valance (2003), Come & Get It by Rachel Stevens (2005) and Trip The Light Fantastic by Sophie Ellis-Bextor (2007) - highly regarded electropop albums from the mid-2000s
Françoise Hardy Sings In English by Françoise Hardy (1966), Infamous Angel by Iris DeMent (1992), Whatever by Aimee Mann (1993) and Out Of Range by Ani DiFranco (1994) - refined and superior singer-songwriter material
Paradise AKA Big Fun by Inner City (1989), Adeva by Adeva (1989), And Still I Rise by Alison Limerick (1992) and Everybody's Free by Rozalla (1992) - underrated diva house albums from the late '80s and early '90s
Bonito Generation by Kero Kero Bonito (2016) - day-glo dance-pop that's heavily influenced by The B-52s, J-pop, video game soundtracks, dancehall culture and mid-'90s Eurodance
The Death Of Cool by Kitchens Of Distinction (1992), Copper Blue by Sugar (1992), The Sound Of McAlmont & Butler by McAlmont & Butler (1995), D-D-Don't Stop The Beat by Junior Senior (2002), The Smell Of Our Own by The Hidden Cameras (2003), i by The Magnetic Fields (2004) and Silent Alarm by Bloc Party (2005) - indie bands that are fronted/co-fronted by openly gay men
Thinking It Over by Liberty X (2002) - surprisingly good R&B-led pop from talent show runner-ups
Crooked Mile by Microdisney (1987) - includes Rack, one of the most articulate songs ever written about AIDS; the same applies to It Couldn't Happen Here from Actually by Pet Shop Boys (1987)
Light Years by Kylie Minogue (2000) - perhaps the most cohesive introduction to the Australian queen
Loveless by My Bloody Valentine (1991) - Mysterious Skin undoubtedly proves that shoegaze has LGBTQ appeal, although this is challenging stuff and not for the faint-hearted
Passive Soul by Orlando (1997) - fragile and wallflowery pop that puts a heavy slant on the eclectic
Behaviour by Pet Shop Boys (1990), Echoes by Will Young (2011) and Choreography by Bright Light Bright Light (2016) - gay introspection from 30-something Brits
Very by Pet Shop Boys (1993) and The Tension & The Spark by Darren Hayes (2004) - 30-something coming out albums
Different Class by Pulp (1995) and Coming Up by Suede (1996) - camp and glamorous yet laddy and seedy Britpop, which is largely preoccupied with drugs and sex
A Secret Wish by Propaganda (1985) - gothic and literate synth-pop from Düsseldorf
Body Talk by Robyn (2010) - boundary-pushing dance-pop from the Swedish queen
Original Soundtrack by S-Express (1989) - one of the first UK house music albums to have originated from LGBTQ nightclubs
Foxbase Alpha (1991), So Tough (1993) and Tales From Turnpike House (2005) by Saint Etienne - summery indie-dance cultural love letters to London; Pedro Almodóvar is a big fan of them
Hormonally Yours by Shakespeares Sister (1992) - gothic, melodramatic, sassy and vampy glam pop-rock
We Are Shampoo by Shampoo (1994) and On The Loose by Deuce (1995) - unashamedly trashy bubblegum pop; the latter band was created by former Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret by Soft Cell (1981) and Youthquake by Dead Or Alive (1985) - camp and melodramatic synth-pop from northern England
Illinois (2005) and Carrie & Lowell (2015) by Sufjan Stevens - if you've seen the movie Call Me By Your Name (2017), then you'll know who this guy is
La Varieté by Weekend (1982), Life by The Cardigans (1995), The Sound Of Music by Pizzicato Five (1995) and Good Humor by Saint Etienne (1998) - fey, kitschy and peppy lounge indie-pop
Titanic Rising by Weyes Blood (2019), Saint Cloud by Waxahatchee (2020) and Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers (2020) - minimalist indie for hipsters
Sam Cushing - likeably grounded and motivated guy who plays the piano and loves his workouts
Riyadh Khalaf - the Iranian-Irish vlogger presenter of Queer Britain
Husband & Husband - nerdy married couple who write comic books and fantasy novels
LanceTheDriver - adorable mature student who loves cars and constantly strives to do good
Eric Mason - endearing and insightful lyrical breakdowns of songs by pop divas
Jacob Michael - cerebral and eloquent musings on the state of modern gay life
PK Creedon - good natured sporty couple who authentically fuse their femininity and masculinity
PJ & Thomas - lovely suburban couple who work in real estate and have adopted a trio of toddlers
Michael Rizzi and Dominick Whelton - sweet city boys who love their fashion and pop culture
Noah Roth and Christian Cook - wholesome college-aged couple who love painting and the outdoors
Stepsof2Foreigners - articulate and refined American-Brazilian couple who are into their travel
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2020.07.26 12:03 MarcoHanYT Match Thread: Round 8 - Geelong Cats vs Fremantle Dockers

B Jake Kolodjashnij Mark Blicavs Mark O'Connor
HB Jack Henry Harry Taylor Tom Stewart
C Charlie Constable Patrick Dangerfield Sam Menegola
HF Mitch Duncan Tom Hawkins Gryan Miers
F Sam Simpson Gary Rohan Brad Close
Foll Esava Ratugolea Cameron Guthrie Brandan Parfitt
I/C Jed Bews Lachie Henderson Lachie Fogarty
I/C Zach Tuohy
Emerg James Parsons Nathan Kreuger Ben Jarvis
In: Mitch Duncan, Tom Stewart, Charlie Constable, Lachie Fogarty, Brad Close, Lachie Henderson
Out: Gary Ablett (personal reasons), Joel Selwood (injured), Jordan Clark (injured), Luke Dahlhaus (injured), Darcy Fort (injured), Jack Steven (managed)
Venue: Optus Stadium
Date/Time: Monday, 27th of July at 8:10pm
Viewing: Live matches are shown on Seven and Fox Footy during the AFL Season
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2020.07.25 14:29 BakaSandwich All information is everywhere, holographically. This explains the occult, mystical states, mass consciousness/collective quantum coherence, archons, morphic resonance, cosmological evolution, and more by u/d8_thc

So where to begin?
Let me start out by stating the bottom line - matter is holographic. What do I mean by this?
I mean that each and every atom contains the mass/information of every other atom in the Universe, literally.
So let's start with some knowns:
We know for a fact that our physics is incomplete - we cannot model the large by the small parts we know to make it up.
We know for a fact that our models and hypothesis for how consciousness arises is incomplete, and contrary to what a neuroscientist might say, 'Consciousness as an epiphenomenon of brain activity alone' is just as much as a belief as anything else.
So how could it be possible that protons are holographic?
There are a few mainstream physics theories that have been combined, to show that the quantum vacuum is riddled with wormholes - you may have heard the terms quantum foam - describing a turbulent vacuum manifold in which distant parts of spacetime are connecting and disconnecting extremely quickly, creating a network of bridges through space.
Well there is another theory called the holographic principle, which postulates that the surface of a black hole can encode all of the information in the volume, geometrically.
The most important concept to this whole holographic proton thing is something called a planck unit. A planck unit is a fundamental set of measurements that define the 'quanta' that makes up fields such as electromagnetism.
I.e. EM waves are not sent as a continuous radiation, it is actually discrete quanta. This planck sized quanta has a mass, a length, and a time - its simply a wave fluctuation.
When we add up how many planck unit masses there should be in empty space, we get 1093 grams / cm3 of space.
This is so high, its simply written off. It's the planck density, and it's supposed to be the energy of the vacuum, since electromagnetic fields permeate the entire Universe, and they are made of planck sized packets.
The first thing we will 'change' from mainstream physics is using a sphericalized planck unit as the basis of the structure of the vacuum - an omnidirectional lattice of overlapping planck spherical units, which are the diameter of the planck length and mass of the planck mass - this is opposed to the cubic packing normally used.
This overlapping circles grid may be familiar to you, and that's because it's been blasted on the walls of temples for centuries - the famed flower of life.
So what happens when we take the proton volume, and see how many planck spherical units (PSUs) fit inside?
We get 1060, which multiplied by the planck mass just so happens to be 1055 grams, which just so happens to be the estimated mass of the Universe.
Remember, the planck mass and planck length are non-anthropomorphically defined, these are constants that come out of other constants.
So remember the holographic principle? If each proton contains the mass of all protons holographically, maybe we can apply it and see why each individual proton only expresses a tiny amount locally, the rest mass of a proton is 10-24 grams.
If we take the amount that fit on the surface (1040), and divide the amount that fit in the volume (1060) - and multiply 2 * planck mass, we nail the standard mass of the proton at 10-24 grams.
Here is the wolfram math for all of this
There are other things to note with this calculation, namely you can go backwards from rest mass -> radius, and deduce a new proton radius which has recently been confirmed by the most accurate proton radius experiment to date at the Paul Scherrer Institute. This deviates some 4% from standard model predictions.
So let's take it back to the wormhole structure of space. Because space is actually teeming with an exorbitant amount of energy, we create something known as a Bose Einstein Condensate, a property that allows for macro-quantum effects - the vacuum of space allows for wormholes to crisscross the entire Universe, simply because of the amount of energy in each point - entangling all protons.
In other words, imagine that there is enough mass at each point in space to create tiny black holes that string together to form a wormhole, which is essentially what a wormhole is - a stretched black hole.
So - each surface PSU on the proton is a termination of a wormhole that goes right through the BEC structure of space, and to another proton. 1040 surface connections lead to 1040 protons, each leading to 1040, which gives us 1080, which is the estimated amount of particles in the Universe.
So - each proton contains the mass of the Universe holographically, however only a tiny amount is expressed locally, the rest is instantly distributed throughout this wormhole network of space.
There is a specific geometry for the sphere packing of empty space that allows for the immense energy to be unperceivable, but for now we can simply think of the difference between matter and vacuum is that matter is simply co-moving, spinning vacuum - spinning PSU's, spinning light.
The implications of this theory are astounding. For one, it implicates morphic resonance, which is a theory by a prominent biologist (Rupert Sheldrake) that postulates there is an unseen field that stretches the Universe, and allows for resonance between form/matter - allowing for example rats on one side of the world to solve a maze faster after it has been done by rats they have no contact with.
However, this goes beyond biology. This same mechanism is the explanation for cosmological evolution, why the Universe seems to be continually complexifying.
Whatever forms 'work' in the Universe become more prevalent in the holographic singularities, allowing the blueprint of the form that works to be more easily duplicated through resonance, creating a feedback/feedforward system in the structure of space itself - which leads to cosmological evolution - from cosmogenesis to consciousness.
There are three very important papers that lay this theory all out (this is not my theory)
The original paper solving quantum gravity via a holographic proton
Quantum Gravity and The Holographic Mass
Extension of the holographic solution which solves for all elements and the electron mass Electron and the Holographic Mass
A paper detailing the cosmological evolution, and the Universe's evolution towards consciousness as an intrinsic part of the Holographic Universe The Unified Spacememory Network
The implications for the occult are also astounding. The holographic nature of consciousness and matter allows for collective coherence, shared consciousness patterns that behave just like memes in the real world - these can be looked at as the 'archons' that are discussed here - essentially electromagnetic patterns in the holographic mass in which human consciousness interacts -super archetypical patterns or discrete consciousness' that can be manipulated or 'fed' by focusing energy.
However, the reverse is also true. Chanting for example - people 'imprinting' a feeling-state along with a chant into the holographic mass, will allow others to pickup on this 'archon' via resonance in the holographic mass.
This goes on and on and on - but this is the theory that knits everything together in a logical, intuitive, mystical package - it has helped the cohesiveness of my worldview in a tremendous way.
Checkout /holofractal for more information - there are also two documentaries of note The Connected Universe and Lecture 2015 Connected Universe
The first is a documentary narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart - it isn't as physics packed as the second one, which is more lecture style and has more technical information.
I hope you take some time to look into this theory, it took me months before I accepted it as correct. All I can ask is an open mind and heart!
Comment by u/murphy212 below
Leaving this here, may the people who are supposed to read it do.
Of course I don't have the pretension of holding all the answers. I prefer sticking to facts. The number one existential fact is the answer to the question: "who am I?".
To that answer, I can only reply "I am conscious". I can infer nothing beyond that, insofar as I cannot directly perceive the world around me. I know it to be an illusion, for my perception of it relies on my physiological senses, which do an excellent job at summarizing, condensing and presenting "reality" to me but do not paint an accurate picture of it.
For example, a brown table is not made of brown particles. Actually, it's made mostly of empty space. The solid feel to it is a function of electromagnetic forces between distant particles. Its color is a sensitive (subjective?) translation of the light's wavelength when it bounces off the table. Furthermore each particle is a wave (probability) function, it does not even exist a priori the way we intuitively think it does (more on that below).
But fortunately, although we know we cannot fully trust our senses, we have instruments (and our minds) to observe reality; theoretical and experimental physics in particular provide clues as to what the universe is made of.
So the question becomes: "what is consciousness?" A corollary to that is: "is it fundamental in the universe, or is matter the fundamental, prime component?" . If consciousness is secreted by the brain, then all emotions are mere chemical reactions. Love, empathy and melancholy correspond to nothing "real", they are synaptic impulses, they can be fundamentally tampered with psychotropic medicine, and I should despise them as archaic, primitive reflexes.
If however consciousness is a fundamental substance in the universe, these are not only chemical reactions, they have an absolute quality. It means there exists Beauty, Love, and Truth (note the capital letters).
So what does science tell us? Which preconditions the existence of which, between matter and consciousness?
Look for this into the double-slit experiment and the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics (ELI5)
In a nutshell, a particle of matter is a wave (probability) function up until it "collapses" (i.e emerges into reality) when it is observed (more precisely, when an observer is made aware of it).
If the observer reads the result 1 hour after the experiment, the particle didn't exist in the hour between the experiment and the reading, even though its result was recorded.
Otherwise said: if an instrument records the particle, but the instrument is destroyed before any reading (by a so-called "observer") is ever made from it, that particle has never existed materially. A cosmic "particle" that "arrives" unseen from space and is not observed when it "reaches" Earth never existed in the first place. Quantum events are "retroactive". See this.
So particles exist in reality insofar as they exist as "knowledge" in an observer's mind. This is what contemporary science teaches us.
This issue embodies one of the main differences between Platonism and Aristotelianism. Descartes played an important role in that discussion in the 17th century. Among well-known Platonist philosophers are also Spinoza and Kant. Coming from different perspectives, others such as Jung or Einstein have also postulated (in substance) the Universe is a "mind" (rather than a mechanical/deterministic ensemble), which also puts them in the Platonist camp.
However most in the scientific establishment still deny the "observer" in QM needs to be conscious (see this). Nonetheless, experiments in the 20th century (e.g. the double-slit experiment) seem to give credence to the Platonist view (in an overwhelmingly Aristotelician / mechanist world). I'll add to that the Princeton Noosphere results, Rupert Sheldrake's statistical experiments or anything coming out of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. As you know you need but 1 contradictory reproducible result to falsify a hypothesis.
They say paradigms don't change because experts change their mind; rather, old experts die and new ones take their place.
TLDR: intent produces and drives the universe, and everything inside it. Even rocks. You are consciousness. The material world you experience is an illusion. If you realize all your sensory experiences, emotions and thoughts are projections on a screen, and if you learn to notice the screen, and the light that shines on it, you will achieve self-realization and peace.
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2020.07.22 02:37 OsGameThreads Post Game Thread: The Orioles fell to the Nationals by a score of 6-4 - Tue, Jul 21 @ 06:05 PM EDT

Orioles @ Nationals - Tue, Jul 21

Game Status: Completed Early: Rain - Score: 6-4 Nationals

Links & Info

1 Hays - CF 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 .206 .300 .294
Mullins - CF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .217 .280 .348
2 Alberto - 2B 4 1 2 1 0 1 0 .378 .395 .514
3 Santander - RF 4 0 1 0 0 1 1 .361 .385 .583
4 Núñez, R - 1B 4 0 0 0 0 3 2 .186 .217 .279
5 Iglesias, J - SS 4 0 3 1 0 0 0 .500 .536 .538
6 Severino, P - C 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 .207 .226 .483
Holaday - C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .167 .250 .389
7 Davis, C - DH 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 .409 .559 .909
8 Herrera, D - LF 3 1 1 1 0 1 0 .189 .268 .378
Mountcastle - LF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .229 .229 .400
9 Ruiz, R - 3B 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 .353 .385 .529
Totals 31 4 10 4 0 7 5
BATTING: 2B: Alberto (2, Corbin); Davis, C (2, Doolittle). 3B: Herrera, D (2, Doolittle). TB: Alberto 3; Davis, C 2; Hays 2; Herrera, D 3; Iglesias, J 3; Santander. RBI: Alberto (5); Herrera, D (3); Iglesias, J (2); Ruiz, R (4). 2-out RBI: Iglesias, J. SF: Ruiz, R. Team RISP: 2-for-4. Team LOB: 5.
FIELDING: E: Iglesias, J (3, throw); Holaday (1, throw). Pickoffs: Stewart, K (Kendrick at 3rd base). DP: (Alberto-Iglesias, J-Davis, C).
Nationals Batters AB R H RBI BB K LOB AVG OBP SLG
1 Turner - SS 3 1 1 1 1 0 1 .189 .268 .297
Difo - SS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .129 .129 .194
2 Eaton - RF 3 2 2 0 1 1 1 .280 .400 .480
Stevenson - RF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .267 .389 .300
3 Soto - LF 4 1 1 1 0 0 3 .257 .435 .571
Bonifácio, E - LF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .323 .323 .484
4 Kendrick - DH 3 0 1 2 0 0 2 .333 .371 .485
5 Thames - 1B 3 1 1 0 0 0 3 .238 .333 .333
Snyder, B - 1B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333 .435 .444
6 Castro, S - 2B 3 0 1 2 0 0 2 .091 .211 .091
7 Kieboom, C - 3B 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 .200 .349 .257
a-Cabrera, A - EH 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 .111 .188 .111
8 Gomes - C 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 .160 .276 .200
9 Robles - CF 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 .167 .500 .417
7 Kieboom, C - 3B 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 .200 .349 .257
a-Cabrera, A - EH 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 .111 .188 .111
Taylor, M - CF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .200 .194 .314
Totals 27 6 7 6 3 4 14
a-Struck out for Kieboom, C in the 2nd.
BATTING: 2B: Kendrick (2, Stewart, K); Soto (5, Stewart, K); Thames (2, Valdez); Turner (4, Givens). TB: Castro, S; Eaton 2; Kendrick 2; Soto 2; Thames 2; Turner 2. RBI: Castro, S 2 (2); Kendrick 2 (9); Soto (9); Turner (1). 2-out RBI: Castro, S 2. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Soto; Castro, S. GIDP: Robles. Team RISP: 3-for-10. Team LOB: 5.
FIELDING: Outfield assists: Eaton (Hays at 3rd base).
Orioles Pitchers IP H R ER BB K HR P-S ERA
Stewart, K (L, 0-1) 3.1 3 3 3 2 3 0 71-43 8.53
Valdez 2.2 3 2 2 0 0 0 35-26 2.35
Givens 1.0 1 1 1 1 1 0 23-13 10.13
Totals 7.0 7 6 6 3 4 0
Nationals Pitchers IP H R ER BB K HR P-S ERA
Corbin (W, 1-1) 5.0 6 2 2 0 4 0 65-48 3.86
Hudson, D (H, 1) 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 0 21-15 12.46
Doolittle (H, 1) 1.0 2 2 2 0 1 0 14-11 16.62
Rainey (S, 1) 0.2 1 0 0 0 0 0 11-7 3.00
Totals 7.2 10 4 4 0 7 0
Game Info
HBP: Gomes (by Stewart, K); Robles (by Valdez).
Pitches-strikes: Stewart, K 71-43; Valdez 35-26; Givens 23-13; Corbin 65-48; Hudson, D 21-15; Doolittle 14-11; Rainey 11-7.
Groundouts-flyouts: Stewart, K 6-0; Valdez 3-2; Givens 1-1; Corbin 6-3; Hudson, D 0-0; Doolittle 1-0; Rainey 1-0.
Batters faced: Stewart, K 15; Valdez 12; Givens 5; Corbin 20; Hudson, D 4; Doolittle 5; Rainey 3.
Inherited runners-scored: Valdez 2-0.
Umpires: HP: Larry Vanover. 1B: David Rackley. 2B: Chris Segal. 3B: Ramon De Jesus. LF: Jeremy Riggs. RF: Brennan Miller.
Weather: 96 degrees, Cloudy.
Wind: 7 mph, Out To LF.
First pitch: 6:06 PM.
T: 2:25.
Venue: Nationals Park.
July 21, 2020
Team Highlight
WSH Howie Kendrick's RBI double (00:00:28)
BAL Hanser Alberto's RBI double (00:00:28)
WSH Adam Eaton beats throw in 4th (00:00:49)
BAL Kohl Stewart K's Asdrúbal Cabrera (00:00:12)
BAL Dilson Herrera's fantastic dive (00:00:24)
WSH Adam Eaton tosses out Hays (00:00:26)
WSH Starlin Castro's 2-run single (00:00:33)
WSH Patrick Corbin's K's vs. Orioles (00:00:39)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
Orioles 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 4 10 2 5
Nationals 2 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 0 6 7 0 5

Around the Division

TOR 8 @ BOS 6 - Game Over
Next Orioles Game: Fri, Jul 24, 07:30 PM EDT @ Red Sox (2 days)
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2020.07.22 00:34 OsGameThreads Orioles Game Day Thread - Tuesday, July 21

Orioles @ Nationals - 06:05 PM EDT

Links & Info

Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Orioles Kohl Stewart (0-1, 8.53 ERA, 6.1 IP) No report posted.
Nationals Patrick Corbin (1-1, 3.86 ERA, 14.0 IP) No report posted.
Orioles Lineup vs. Corbin AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Hays - CF - - - - - -
2 Mullins - CF - - - - - -
3 Alberto - 2B .667 1.333 3 0 0 0
4 Santander - RF .333 1.000 3 0 1 1
5 Núñez, R - 1B .000 .000 3 0 0 1
6 Iglesias, J - SS .500 1.000 2 0 0 0
7 Severino, P - C .400 .900 5 0 0 0
8 Holaday - C .125 .236 8 0 2 4
9 Davis, C - DH .000 .200 4 0 0 4
10 Herrera, D - LF - - - - - -
11 Mountcastle - LF - - - - - -
12 Ruiz, R - 3B - - - - - -
13 Stewart, K - P - - - - - -
14 Valdez - P - - - - - -
15 Givens - P - - - - - -
Nationals Lineup vs. Stewart, K AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Turner - SS .000 .500 1 0 0 0
2 Difo - SS - - - - - -
3 Eaton - RF .000 .000 2 0 0 2
4 Stevenson - RF - - - - - -
5 Soto - LF 1.000 5.000 1 1 2 0
6 Bonifácio, E - LF - - - - - -
7 Kendrick - DH 1.000 2.000 1 0 0 0
8 Thames - 1B - - - - - -
9 Snyder, B - 1B - - - - - -
10 Castro, S - 2B - - - - - -
11 Kieboom, C - 3B - - - - - -
12 Cabrera, A - EH .000 .000 1 0 0 0
13 Gomes - C .000 .250 3 0 0 1
14 Robles - CF .500 1.500 2 0 0 1
15 Kieboom, C - 3B - - - - - -
16 Cabrera, A - EH .000 .000 1 0 0 0
17 Taylor, M - CF - - - - - -
18 Corbin - P - - - - - -
19 Hudson, D - P - - - - - -
20 Doolittle - P - - - - - -
21 Rainey - P - - - - - -

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TOR 8 @ BOS 6 - Game Over
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Patrick Stewart appeared as a guest on the Arsenio Hall show. His son, Daniel Stewart, also appeared later in the segment. Daniel was a guest star in the Star Trek: The Next Generation 5th season ... Subscribe and 🔔 to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube 👉 Stream original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer 👉 Programme websi... The affection between Patrick Stewart and Whoopie Goldberg is undeniable! I know Arsenio says at the end of the clip, 'we'll be right back with Patrick and W... Kristen Stewart opened up on 'The Howard Stern Show' about whether she would have married former boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Exclusives from #ETonline : http... Irish Dating Show - SNL - Duration: 4:57. Saturday Night Live 12,829,456 views. 4:57. Why It Wasn't a Good Idea to Give Patrick Stewart Creative Control of Star Trek Picard - Duration: 1:32. 1990: An episode of 'The Pat Sajak Show' with guest Patrick Stewart. 'The Pat Sajak Show' was on CBS from 1989-1990. Sir Patrick Stewart will be back on the red sofa this week! #GrahamNortonShow #Season24 #ChatShow Subscribe for weekly updates: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Steve Martin - Dating Game 1968 - Duration: 9:55. bmoxco Recommended for you. 9:55. Patrick Stewart Revists The Bombing Of Abbeville - Who Do You Think You Are - Duration: 5:34. Who Do You Think You Are? Recommended for you. 5:34. 12 Year Old Boy Humiliates Simon Cowell - Duration: 5:37.